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The Soul and Consciousness

I can't help but be attracted by all the news and posts about the animal cruelty, child abuse going on and how we are destroying the earth we are living on.

It affects me so badly in ways that I don't want to see them anymore or think about them. You might think I am avoiding it and by turning a blind eye it might just

Go away. Well... If you don’t already know this, everything is energy and by thinking about all these bad things going on just puts more energy into all these bad things.

If you think a thought enough it will manifest into your reality. Does that make sense to you?

I have become so aware of this world that I cannot look at anything anymore without recognising the soul within, everything around us is consciousness.

The tree and plants outside, every single animal is a soul just in a different costume, this computer I am typing and the car you driving.

Does anyone of you talk to your cars? Well what is the difference, if you treat your car well and look after it, it will look after you :-)

I don’t have kids, but I have three beautiful cats I love so much that I consider them to be my kids. How amazing to have a child, a beautiful soul who has come into this world, who will always be connected to you no matter what. A Soul that has chosen you to have a worldly experience. We think that the soul in this new baby and we treat as such knows nothing, how wrong are we by thinking that as they can see a lot more than you can in the world as they are new coming in from source/God with no filters. They can see your aura, they can see your loved ones who have crossed over and they fully trust their emotional guidance system. They know and feel everything that happens in their life. How amazing is that?

We are spirit that has come down to have a spiritual human experience and we have lost all of it. We need to connect with the soul and our higher self more.

A lot of us don’t even recognise it anymore. We are here to make a difference and when you leave this world there will be one question, what difference did you make in this world? There is no Hell but only LOVE. Pure and beautiful love, the type we will never be able to perceive.

Here is a little exercise for you;

Put your hand over your heart, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Say "Thanks for beating every day, thank you for keeping me alive and going through all the heart breaks and sadness I have experienced" Thank your heart for everything, anything you can think of and it is an amazing feeling. Have you done that before? Tell me how it felt when you do this?

Love is everything and you can do and achieve anything if you Love in your heart.

Please know and trust that you are exactly where you need to be, trust your gut feelings and instinct and that everything in your life is a lesson learned and an experience that will never be

Taken away from you

Love always

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