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Who is God, Why are we here?

Who is GOD?

Why are we here?

Genesis 1:27God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him;

God is the great consciousness that has created all and He created us, He created you as a conscious being, a spiritual being. Why don’t we recognise ourselves as spiritual?

Everything in the universe is made out of energy regardless if it is a live or not a live being. Everything is God!

We take things so literally, God did not create us in the image of man (a human being), we are all spirit, God is Spirit and everything on this planet is spirit. We are all part of God and at the same time God – we are all one! You cannot say that a wave is separate from the ocean as the wave is part of the ocean and is the ocean.

God does not know everything as we are made to believe, what would be the purpose of life if he knew everything. Has He experienced everything that can be experienced?

Our purpose on this planet is to have experiences, as much and many as possible because with experience (Good or Bad) God can expand and without expansion there is no purpose of life.Life is all about expansion and you will realise that you will always have a goal and when you have reached your goal you would set another and another. You won’t be happy until you reach your next goal. Life is forever expanding and evolving.

Society has changed in such a way that it wants to scare and control us in every sense possible. We have been taught that being human is who you are and therefore we see everything as physical. We get attached to physical things and we get scared to lose what we love so much in the world. This belief was brought down generation after generation and by not believing we create our own realities and that we don’t have control over our lives, but we did believe that we had the control over getting the outside world to change. We have been trying to get other people to behave in a way that makes they themselves feel good. We have been taught to not be selfish and being selfish is wrong. Is this because we believe we don’t create our own reality and it matters what other people do or don’t do. If those people are acting in their own best interest and not in ours, we have no control over how we are feeling so we form religions, governments’, rules and regulations to try and to keep each other behaving in a way to make us all feel better.

Our happiness was dependant on other people. We need to start to believe in ourselves more, trust ourselves more. Trust your gut instincts, it is there for a reason and it is to trying to tell you something. Your life purpose is to be happy and do what makes you happy. Don't let others talk you down or out of what you want to do.

Meditate more, start by 15 minute meditations, quite your mind and relax. Connect with your being and you will start to notice that you will be more calmer, you will be healthier and more relaxed. You will be able to deal with stress and other issues better and in a different way than what you did before. You will find that you start to connect with the inner you, your true self.

Exercise 1)

List 10 things you are grateful for every day. By being grateful for what you already have gives you the opportunity to make way for new things to come your way to be grateful for.

2) listen to this short meditation.

Every journey starts with a small step, and before I go remember that like attracts like and you are like a magnet. You have the ability to speak and think things into existence and if you see it in your mind you can have it in your life. If you are positive you are going to draw positivity. If you are going to be negative you are going to draw more negativity. If you are kind, people will be kind to you.

Here is a meditation to go with the Blog

Love and light

Chrysilla Lewies

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