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"You cannot rise to a desire that is not meant to be yours"

What this means is that you cannot think a thought that will rise to a desire that is not meant for you. You can have anything, and this thought or insight of a want will not have come to you if it was not meant to be for you. ​​

You will always have new desires, new aspirations and goals. You will achieve one goal and you will already have set a new goal for you to achieve. That is what life is all about - expansion. You have to keep the mind working and once you stop expanding that is when you will find that people start making themselves sick and they start to loose the meaning of life.

If you are unhappy in life, in your job - you need to change as this does not serve you or the expansion of the universe. If you do not follow your goals you are at risk of severe depression and unhappiness. You will make yourself sick to the point where you might not find your way back. You MUST follow your JOY and do what makes your happy. Follow your instinct and your emotions as they are with you every single day of your life and they guide you to what you want.

I know sitting in a position of not knowing what is going on in each of your lives it is easier said than done. What has been said above is true without a doubt and all you have to do is start with a step into the direction you want to go into. One step will lead to you taking another and in some cases an extreme decision will be made to change your life completely. although some of you might be in a bad spot at the moment and don't see a way forward, see as far as you can see yourself go and do that. small steps at a time - like a ant cannot see his destination it continues walking. Why not write down what you want to achieve today and do that often and the look back months or a year after and tick off what you have achieved and you will see that you have come further than you expected.

Try new things...

We normally put ourselves down to quickly and we don't recognise all the good we have done.

Be proud of who you are, of what you have done and achieved today and strive to do better the following day if you feel here is room for improvement.

We grow and change as human beings all the time, that is the meaning of life - experience and live!!

Love and light

Chrysilla xxx

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