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The Affair & LIFE!

I Recently watched Season one and two of The Affair. At first I watched a couple of episodes and completely lost interest until a work colleague of mine asked if I was watching it and she explained how good it is and that she can't stop watching it. She highly recommended that I finish it.

So I again started watching it. At first I didn’t like it, it was two stories from two different perspectives and there was so much duplication but it didn’t take long and I was also scooped into this fantasy between two lovers and the excitement of it all. As a Spiritual Person, Teacher and human in every sense I couldn’t help but relate to so much of it with what has already happened in my own life and maybe that is why I stopped watching it in the first place. I was scared that it will open a wound that has closed beautifully after a similar experience, drifting away from a loved one. An experience that will be with me always.

The theme song is what I love the most. Here’s the words;

I was screaming into the canyon At the moment of my death The echo I created Outlasted my last breath

My voice it made an avalanche And buried a man I never knew And when he died his widowed bride Met your daddy and they made you

3x I have only one thing to do and that's To be the wave that I am and then Sink back into the ocean

Sink back into the o- Sink back into the ocean Sink back into the o- Sink back into the ocean Sink back into the ocean

Especially that last bit is what I feel is so beautiful, that she sings “I have only one thing to do and that’s to be the wave that I am and then sink back into the ocean”

That is LIFE, we are all on a wave (our own journey of life) but all still connected to SOURCE consciousness / GOD and will always be. When our time on this earth comes to an end we will all go back to GOD/SOURCE as the wave gets pulled back into the ocean. Isn’t it beautiful.

Love is beautiful, it is in all of us, in everything around us and we need to do what makes us happy and sometimes from an outside perspective you end up being the bad guy for hurting others in the process. As long as you are not leading them on and you are true to yourself, they might be hurt for a while but they will be able to move forward. The word “Cheating” or “Affair” is seen as so negative.

Cheating” means:

  • doing something behind someone else’s back…

  • with the intention of harming them.

When you and your partner no longer have the same goals or you have outgrown the relationship by meeting someone else by chance or in whatever way, it doesn’t matter. You are not falling in love with someone else with the intention of hurting your family or your partner. In the end that is the most difficult bit and because of just that fact some couples stay together for just that reason and they find themselves being so unhappy. There is no purpose to life if you are unhappy, you are serving no one.

We are not all meant to have life partners. To expand our awareness, to learn new things all the time, learn from your partner, with your partner and experience new things and when there is nothing else to learn you may let go and move on or when you feel that you are unhappy maybe you need to sit with your partner and talk about what you are expecting of the relationship, how things are changing and renegotiate terms and goals in a sense - You need to be in balance.

Isn’t that what life is all about? and if we are no longer learning and the relationship is no longer serving you where goals have changed it is better to just let go otherwise we tend to make ourselves sick, we go stagnant and we will eventually start to fade and die. It is vital that we need to get the energies moving and flowing, keep expanding.

Read the following article as well about cheating and it does explain things and put your mind in a different perspective. At first if you have been in this situation before you feel reluctant but it is a good read.

watch the youtube video of the AFFAIR theme song – I can’t get enough of it.

Have a good day


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