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Growing up we are taught to go against everything that we feel is right for us. Our parents teach us what is right or wrong in society, along with what we should believe and by doing so we go against the grain of our internal guidance system which is also our intuition. We get punished for doing wrong and rewarded for what is so called good deeds so we live by the rule of pleasing our parents by being good and it continues into our grown up life – pleasing others and not thinking of ourselves.

You love talking to people and asking questions to expand your knowledge but your parents teach you to go play with the other kids as you don ‘t belong in grown up conversations so you grow up not feeling comfortable or worthy talking to adults, you always feel out and like your opinion doesn’t matter. You love painting or drawing and you want to do that for the rest of your life but your parents put you down and say that you cannot make a living doing that. You have to grow up and learn something that will make you a success or give you a good career so that you can earn good money and go places we were never able to go.

By the time you have reached adulthood the damage is done and you are now in charge of your own life making your own decisions but you realise that you are in a job you hate and life is not what you have imagined it would be. You live by pleasing others and completely disregard how you feel and punish and self sabotage yourself when you want things as you feel you are not worthy of those things.

You have to unlearn everything that was taught to you and you have to rewire your brain and your belief systems and I know this is not the case for all of us but it sure is for some. If you can relate why not tell us your story or comment below.

I have been meditating a lot and I have started to be more conscious in my waking state about how I am feeling and what I am thinking but this does not happen overnight, but the one thing I have noticed by monitoring my thoughts is that is how my intuition is working and telling me things. Just be more aware when you speak to people, when you listen – really listen to them. Feel the way they are feeling and see them for who they are as a human being. When you eat your food, don’t just eat it without any appreciation. Taste the food, feel the food and thank the food for being there and giving you the nutrition that your body needs at this time. That is how you become more conscious.

Treat others the way you want to be treated and become more aware of every thought and action during your day. Can you remember what you did yesterday morning?, who you spoke to and what you said or do you do that automatically without a thought. Do you remember what you have done this morning?, people who have passed you to say good morning?

You know when for example you were writing you exams in school and you wrote down that one answer but then doubt creeps in, you rub the answer out and write down the second answer which you feel is right – so now you are just confused because you are completely unsure of over thinking the answer. A couple of days pass and you get the test paper back and your answer was incorrect and it was the first one you rubbed out and you knew you should have trusted your first gut instinct.

We need to start trusting those subtle hints our internal guidance is giving us.

For example I left the house yesterday morning and my guidance said check that all the lights are off, I brushed the thought off thinking I’m sure its all off and when I got back the kitchen light was on all day! #Dammit

So on my stroll to the office this morning I got the thought that I should write about this so here I am writing about how to follow your internal guidance system.

Should I follow my heart of my head?

Always follow your heart, your heart is very powerful and by following your heart you will always be pulled toward the things that you need right now that will make you happy all in right divine timing. Listening to the mind is the EGO – trying to take over by making you doubt and over think things. Where you are sitting now, put your hand over your heart and say “ I love you”… say it several times and feel what emotions and feelings come up.

It is an amazing feeling when you send that love to your heart as it beats for you everyday, It goes through so much emotion and heartache with you, but do you ever sit there and say “I love you”. Thank your heart for all it does for you and send healing green / pink light towards it. Start listening to your heart.

Our thoughts are very powerful and is alive – the more you think a thought the more power you give it to manifest itself into this reality.

When you are driving and you are stuck in that traffic jam, your intuition is telling you to get off at this junction but you think no I’m sure it will clear in a second but boy you pass that junction and an hour later you think to yourself “why did I not leave the junctions when I had the chance”

Its hard to change our belief systems and to trust ourselves to make the right decision but you know what!!! Just do it and it will all fall into place.

People say I’ll save up for a holiday – Why not book your holiday even if you just have the deposit and you will see the money will come for you to pay for the holiday because now you are committed and you have made a decision so you have to stick with it. Some don’t feel worthy – why don’t you feel worthy to have things or buy things for yourself?

You are worthy!

You are important to you!

Love yourself!

If you say I don’t have enough money, you will never have money because you are affirming that to yourself every time you say it.

I am not saying quite your job and a new job will come, but you are worthy of more that you think you are so why not start looking for that other job. If you want to do the painting or public speaking as when you were a child, start over and do that – take the courses or an half hour of study or research in the evening to follow your passion.

What does your intuition tell you right now?

What should you be doing?

My intuition is telling me that I am worth so much more than what I am doing now and I can do so much better. I should pursue that and find a way to do it and so should you.

Love always

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