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Thoughts are your prayers

Many of us think that you have to have a religion to pray or be spiritual to meditate but in fact all you have to do is work with your thoughts to achieve your goal of wants and needs to be send out into the universe.

Our minds are always racing and sometimes we overthink and over analyse situations where it doesn’t benefit us at all and it probably does more harm than good.

How many times a day does your thoughts run away with you?

You have to become more conscious of what you are thinking as your thoughts are like little prayers you send out everyday all day. The universe is always receiving your thoughts which is your wants and needs and the more you think a particular thought the more energy you put in it – All good and bad.

Do you ask for your favourite parking space every time you go shopping? Thank the Parking Angel. Do you believe that life is joyful and beautiful because that is how you choose to see life and how you believe your life should be?

Do you think that you are always lucky and that things always happen just at the right time just when you needed it. It is you and the universe working together to create these things for you.

You may call it GOD, the Angels, the universe whatever you believe.

BUT, if you believe and say the following:

I am a nervous driver and think your going to have a car crash?

Or how many times do you think that you always get the short straw and life never goes right?

If you think negative thoughts it will manifest into your reality. It is not GOD or the universe doing these things to you. It is you asking for it without realising

Your thoughts are your prayers so you don’t have to believe in anything to be able to pray or be religious.

We are evolving as a species and have you noticed that you can start to pick up on thoughts that others are thinking? Start paying attention to that - You will probably notice how many times your thoughts match with other individuals when you think the same thing as one is thinking it and the other receiving it the other thinks he is also thinking it. #confusingmuch

Well… Lets start paying attention to our though patterns aka our prayers we send out everyday and if you want answers to your thoughts and prayers spend time in the quite for 10-20 minutes daily to receive the answers.

What I would like you to do is sit in a upright and comfortable position, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breathes.

Now try to quite your mind and push out all the thoughts that mind is trying to occupy you with – just concentrate on your slow deep breaths in and deep breaths out.

Once you feel the mind is still then let the information flow and you will get the answers to the many questions.

Don’t overthink it, and most importantly don’t doubt yourself as that is the EGO trying to take control. Trust is key!!

So there you go, change your mind-set to positive thinking and start thinking positive thoughts as your outlook in life is key.

Love and light


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