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My awakening - Are you awake?

Where to begin?

Every individual is different and every individual wakes up at different rates and times, but we are waking up at a fast rate and some of you might feel that there are currently big things happening. If you are reading this you have been drawn to read this and what it means to wake up.

My story; I have always had BIG questions about life;

Why are we here?

What is the purpose of life?

Who made GOD? Who is GOD?

My parents were never able to answer these questions but I was walking around with them my entire life before my awakening. Those questions looming in the background always present, looking for answers but I never gave up. My room had spirits that made me uneasy, to this day I am not very comfortable sleeping in my old room when I visit the family home.

This fascination started a snowball effect for me loving everything weird, strange ranging from Magical stories, Extra-terrestrial and scary movies, Ghost movies, Whitch crafts.

I loved it – all of it!

As my fascination of these strange things grew I never thought anything of it - I was just a teenager but as a child my mom and I would go to these famous mediums who have stage shows and I would accompany her in hope that she will get a message from a loved one.

Time went on and I had to grow up, studied and started to make a life for myself so I moved to the U.K where I came across this American T.V show Ghost Adventures and I am still following and watch their shows to this day but this was the major step into my awakening along with finding the American show The long island Medium..

It is like the universe was guiding me to a starting point without knowing it at the time as I love Ghost stories and the Ghost Adventures just made perfect sense. I started doing ghost hunts and haunted locations, got all the ghost equipment which I again still have today and still love doing it.

I was then guided to the Long Island Medium – Therese Caputo. She was so funny and she is an amazing medium. So fascinating to watch her work and we are told we are born with these gifts but the truth is we all are born with these gifts with some more open to them than others but we are all open to do mediumship which I am also practising now and I can do mediumship myself, but didn’t know it at the time, I didn't know how these things worked or how they worked but I bought her books & I highly recommend you giving it a read as it did teach me about guides and angels. It all made perfect sense about who we are as spirit beings, where we go when we die and that we live on but on a different dimension. All well and good but this was still not answering my question, what is life about? Who is God? Why are we here?

So now I was well on my journey, but you have to do your own research and don’t believe the first thing you hear but my knowledge where growing and my awareness was expanding. Being awake is also realising that you are present at all times about your emotions, what you are feeling, what you say and what people around you are doing in their actions and if you are not doing that you are sleepwalking - daydreaming.

Sleep walking is just going through your day like a zombie with no purpose and you probably can’t remember what you dreamed the moment you wake up or what you did in the morning, who you spoke to or what you have said to whom. Do you remember? The more aware and enlightened you become your vibrations increase which means you work with higher energies (positive energies) where you will start to remember dreams upon awakening (which you need to write down) and you will start to become more aware of your feeling state and surroundings.

So I was being more aware and awake and I started meditating… Didn’t know if I was doing it right but like anything do them as much as you can and I recommend doing them everyday, twice a day if you can but I know that is asking a lot but learn about the chakras, what they do and what the purpose of each chakra is. Meditating is all about just being present within yourself and see what you are feeling. Your guides will start to talk to you and you will also start to learn what you really need to be doing on a subconscious level which you will access via the theta level of meditation. If you don't meditate they will try and communicate these things to you in dream state.

It is that simple – so what have you been guided too?

If you feel to walk into a book store, do it!

If you have a thought to phone someone, do it!

If you have a feeling to drive a different route, do it!

We are always guided and you have to start trusting you internal guidance system.

I know that this will challenge your believe systems as we are brought up into certain religions and what is right or wrong but it is all programming from one generation after another. We develop systems and the problem is that you do things a certain way and we believe this is the only way to do it and then times change and they tell us to do it another way that also works. Time change and things change and reality conforms to your believes and expectations and your believes and expectations give you security and stability to operate in a reliable structure. Be open to venture into other aspects of life and life forms but do what feels right to you. As I said in the beginning we are all different and on different paths. There is no right or wrong.

Challenge your believes so to move on I was then introduced to Teal Swan – The spiritual catalyst who was telling me things (over her YouTube videos of course) which was extremely different from what Therese Caputo was telling me so what is right? I was so confused and at first I thought this women is crazy but I came to the understanding that Therese was writing her books in a perspective of what makes sense to her and understanding how spirit works in a way that falls within her catholic religion but her books is also written in a simplistic way perfect for those just awakening, simple to understand and get your head around death especially if you have recently lost someone and you want to know if they are okay. Teal swan was talking wide scale from a universal perspective and this is where my BIG life questions of GOD were answered. She turned my world upside down and I had to put the puzzle pieces back together again...

So it started in my scary ghost room, to ghost hunting, meditation and mediumship and always being present in the moment.

Please feel free to ask any questions and remember to question everything.

Have a good day

Much Love Chrysilla

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