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Fear of Death is Fear of the Unknown

There is a lot people in this world who think when you die you are just DEAD, that you don't continue on another plane of existence. We are multidimensional beings and we are so concentrated onto this physical world, this physical body so much so that we don’t see the bigger picture. You are just here to have an experience, learn and teach others, show the world love and be kind. A lot of “the people” don’t believe in a religion which is fine but they don’t believe in a GOD either, others believe that we go to Heaven, like you are going to sit on a cloud or paradise FOREVER…. I am sorry but that sounds very boring - why would you want to do that?

Are you scared to ask the question of why are we here or scared of what the answer might be. Whatt awaits us when we pass from this world?

Fear is an illusion, Fear is the unknown but if you realise that you are in control of your reality you can start taking control of your life. Stop living in FEAR.

Thousands upon thousands are scared of the Death, scared of the unknown because they don’t believe in anything. That must be a really scary thing to believe. They don’t believe that life continues so they avoid it like the plaque and put their heads in the sand thinking they don't have to deal with it at this time but before you know it you are at point where you have that big Question Mark???? Where am I going? I am going to Hell... Maybe Heaven - Get that priest already!!!!

I promise you now that you will not seize to exist, the moment you pass from this world will it will be as if a weight has been lifted from you body, as if you have been so constricted living in this body – but live your life as there is so much to live for and you chose to be here at this important time to help the earth become a better place. We Fear death to the point where we make ourselves ill, we make ourselves sick to the point where we get cancer, get Alzheimer’s, motor neuron disease etc to make us fade slowly, letting go of this world as we scared to see what awaits us. Physical symptoms always shows up as signs in our body reflecting what is going on internally.

If you have upper back pain it means you are carrying a heavy load on yourself, lots of stress and no help to assist you with all the worries you are carrying, if you have lower back problems you also have no support in your life where you need it, you carry all that load by yourself and maybe by asking for help to relieve that burden the physical symptoms will disappear. If you have trouble with your knees and legs, it means you are not moving forward in life, you are happy where you are and you want to stay there for as long as possible, physical symptoms start appearing because you need to start moving forward in life, to new challenges and new ventures and until you do that you will be stuck with the pain of not being able to move.

I know that all of us are different and that we are in charge of US and sometimes it seems so unfair how people have been taken from us. It is not easy to talk about death and passing of loved ones so dearly missed.

Now to overcome the fear of death here is a little exercise for you to do;

Start by making an agreement with your soul / your higher self stating how and where you want to die.

i.e with no pain, I want an easy exit-- plan - How would you like to depart.

Create the space of how you want to leave this place with no fear and conditioning.

Stop being afraid as that just makes you sick and remember you will never loose your consciousness when you pass.

Do the above almost like writing a will, do it once and forget about it.

Stop worrying about those things you have no control over - asking for what is needed and releasing it to the universe to do its work as we do live in the universe of the law of attraction and by releasing your wants you give rise to expansion and allowing for things to work out but when you hold onto material ideas and beliefs constricting the flow of energy it will never be able to flow freely to assist the manifestation of your desires, but remember you have a say in it - just ask.

I highly recommend reading Julian Cannon's book - Souls Speak~ In This book you will discover what the messages from the different body systems mean and how you can heal any situation by understanding the message that is being delivered and acting appropriately on that message

Have a good day


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