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Jack of all trades, master of none

Jack of all trades, master of none

I want to learn and learn and know everything there is to know. I want to be the best I can be in every aspect. I have passion for life, and what I can make of it. I am not perfect and everyone on the outside looking in thinking she is not sticking to anything as she goes from one project to another but not sticking to do anything for a very long time. Always a hobby and never a profession but you know what? Please tell me what is wrong with learning?

Society is trying to project their believes onto you and what they think is normal onto us but there is nothing wrong with learning and we shouldn't be listening to such negativity.

I am always busy – Do I ever sit still? well... not really. I think I can blame my Aquarius nature but I feel there is a lot of us that feel the same out there or maybe I am also trying to avoid something by wanting to sit still? Something to think about.

I do everything in life with passion and love (sometimes wear my heart of my sleeve) and I try to show others the way but you can truly only be an example of it and hopefully inspire others to be the same. We cannot change anyone and I don't recommend anyone to try and make someone change as they will fail miserably. I wish I could do that at times and I am sure we all have tried but I have to accept that they are their own person with their own ideas, believes, likes and dislikes.

Have boundaries and I don't mean by boundaries that you have to put a wall up. Boundaries is as simple as I like blueberry ice cream and you like strawberry that is two different boundaries of like and dislikes and I cannot make you like blueberry ice cream now can I? Doesn't matter how much I explain how wonderfully tasty it is, but the reality is it is only tasty to me as it is meant to be my experience to like that and not the other persons. So is our life different to every other individual on this planet.

I have learned to just accept myself for who I am even though others don't always. I know I talk to much, say the wrong thing all the time but with no intention to hurt anyone but just to be honest and truly express myself in that moment. I hate the fact that I can't express myself properly in this country I am living in as English is my second language and even though as an Afrikaans speaking person I can't even speak that properly anymore. I have learned to ignore the negativity in my life but to be truthful I know deep down that I need to eliminate the need of acceptance of society. We all have things going on in life but it so important to accept yourself, yourself for who you are.

So I say go and put yourself out there, experience as much as you can as long as it makes you happy and as long as you are enjoying doing it. It doesn’t matter if you do it for a day or a year. You might go back to it 20 years down the line but it doesn’t mean that it serves no purpose.

Always be true to yourself, love yourself to trust how you are feeling and where you need to go.

Love and Light

Chrysilla xxx

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