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Abundance or the Lack of

If you are in the state of success or the state that says I always have _____ fill in the blank or you know that doesn’t matter what happens that you will be okay. In the world of the law of attraction I have learned today that you have to make life fun and you have to play with it. The world is your oyster and you can have any experience you want. Like being at a buffet table and you can pick any experience you want. I am going to be independent, I am going to find a rich man to look after me or to give an example of lack is that I don’t want to work so you make yourself sick to stay at home and still get sick pay. From our perspective we don’t understand why life is so difficult or why we have so much struggles but life itself loves it because only by going through all these tough times do we learn from our experiences and become a better person for it. Once you look at the bigger picture it is so much easier to understand.

I am very independent and determined to make something of myself but I also complain ( in my mind) that I have to do a lot of things myself, that I don’t get any help, but is it because I am allowing myself to be so independent that I am not allowing the other person to participate in helping me?

I was asked “Do you need petrol” and anger is filling inside me that screams NO! I always have petrol because why would I drive with an empty tank but then it hit me that I don’t often say yes because I am in state of there always is- which is a good thing for me because I am believer in - it doesn’t matter how much I spend or use that there will always be more. ( I spend and use within reason of course) What you BELIEVE is what you will have, no point saying you will be a millionaire but don’t believe it as that won’t get you anywhere. Anyway so to get back on track - I thought if the other person wanted to help with petrol why not just give me the money and I will put that towards petrol when needed instead of asking every time it suits and I keep saying no.

Being in the state of abundance I always have petrol , but If I was in a state of lack I will have an attitude of there is never enough, I don’t know where the next tenner is going to come from to put petrol in my car and I will always be on an empty tank hoping the other person will offer to help out or they will help out by me mentioning it or I will be complaining that I don’t have enough.

The more you reinstate the fact that you have or don’t have is exactly the outcome you will face day by day and it took determination to get where I want to be today. It was easy and it wasn't as I studied it and starting with small items like "Today I will manifest a free chocolate" and I believed it, I kept thinking that thought and before I knew it someone at work gave me a surprising chocolate and I was like Oh my word this is working and so by believing it, it all started to unfoldand the law of attraction became a great passion of mine.

I don’t understand it all but days like today I get aha moments where things do make sense. Things are not always free but you don’t necessarily have to work hard for it either. You write down every day what you are thankful because only by being grateful for what you already have today you can allow for more to come. Then ask that I will manifest _________ filling the blank easily and effortlessly, think about it, dream about it and the more energy you put into that thought form the more quickly it will manifest. We are creators so start creating what you want in your reality – everything is a possibility

Love and light


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