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Synchronicity or Coincidence

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I don’t believe that anything in life is a coincidence. There is too much happening in life right now to put it down to coincidence. When asked "what do you think the difference is between synchronicity and coincidence, and what you believe to be true?"

I know that I have asked the universe for certain things in my life and I know that powers to be have assisted me to be right here right now with all that I have asked for consciously and unconsciously. Our minds are never still, so when you are not mindful what thoughts do you think of?

Write on a regular basis, especially writing down the things you want to achieve, things you want to do, and buy, or experience. Also look back and tick the boxes of what has been accomplished already, so you can see for yourself that you are achieving great things. The universe is always listening, so know that your thoughts speak more than you will ever know, as your thoughts, and intentions are living conscious energy; your emotion and feeling state empower those thoughts and so you will manifest what you ask for.

Listening to that specific song, thinking of someone, and then receiving a text to put that smile on your face. You might be asking for love, compassion and understanding and naming all the attributes you desire in that person you want in your life, and then one day you truly see them for who they are. There right on your door step... why now? Is the time right to make the changes we have been asking for? Have your vibrations changed enough to be a match at this time? You cannot be attracted to a specific  event or someone if they are not vibrationally a match to yours. This is why people outgrow each other at times, because one changes and the other doesn’t or they simply don't grow together to be a constant match, so either person will have to either raise their vibration or lower it to meet in the middle, and be on the same level of understanding or attempt to be – talk about hard work.

Our guardian angels are in the background helping us and communicating through our emotions and instincts. Its so important to listen to the voice inside - your intuition. You have to learn to get to know the feeling of when your intuition is telling you something.

Life is all about being in state of Joy everyday, and in every moment you make decisions that will make you feel good. Your not going to eat a bar of chocolate if you don’t think in that moment it will bring you joy and make you feel good. It doesn’t matter if it's good or bad. You will be walking home instead of driving because walking will make you feel good. The person that has self esteem issues wont be talking about you behind your back if they don’t think that it will make them feel better by doing that making sense? So know that everything you do is because you think it will make you happy and make you feel better. 

So do I call it synchronicity? Write that list again of what you desire and where you want to go... how you want to be treated, what you want in life and how you want to live your life.

Hopefully you found this information interesting and that it helped you in some way today.

Love and light always

Chrysilla xxx

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