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Sexuality is one of the most exciting gifts that has been given to us to explore so today make a commitment to accept every area of your body and draw a partner to yourself who will honour every area of your body, exploring how much energy you can hold between yourself and your partner and how that energy transport you somewhere. Sexual energy in your body is your life source. It is the goddess or god force within you.

You have the ability to manifest the deepest bonding of partnership that you desire and sexual expression offers exploration of both the spiritual and physical realms. Dealing with sexuality involves dealing with hormones. Sex excites the very core of your being. When you reach a state of true bonding with a other person during sexual activity, you trigger each other off and all of your cells.- energy lines up in one direction. Your body turns into a magnet and when you and another being achieve a heightened state of electromagnetic force you pull on one another to create a balance. When you get really good at this, you will not even have to touch each other. You can create this web of love between you, and through this force field your inner bodies rise and go into other worlds.

As the hormones of attraction moves, your experience exchanges of energy between all your chakras and those of your partner - your energies become fused. If you raise your energy upward rather than keeping it in your genitals, you can increase the flow of energy and operate with a new consciousness. Learn to lift the energy up each others spines and move it through your bodies, holding off orgasm. During the act of sex itself, you may find that you move into a collapse of time. We don’t know how to use this energy and use the sexuality in a way that degenerates rather than regenerates us. All things are interlocked - nothing is separate and everything is connected to everything else. You inherit the blueprint of every person with whom you have sex, so you not only have your stuff to deal with but theirs as well.

When your body comes together with another's, your chakras are stirred and kundalini at the bottom of your spine where your sexual energy is, is moved and if only your two lower chakras are moved (root chakra and chakral) it is not a full body infusion. You have "hooks/anchors" in the other person auric field, and they have "hooks/anchors" in yours and this is why it is very important to be selective of who your sexual partners are. Make sure there is a kind of bond and commitment and that you are going to work things out because you can take everything on from someone else. Do what you can to lovingly release former sexual relationships with a hold on your life and stop talking about the past and energise old partners. Let that stuff go as you keep those energies alive if you keep talking about them even though it was years ago and they have changed as you have changed but the energy your holding onto is still the same.

When we use a tissue we blow our nose and throw it away but people are not like that, so when you have a sexual relationship, you are bonded to that person and that goes for one night stands as well, you take on a merging of each others auric fields. Sperm is a catalytic force of existence.

Sex is a wonderful gift but know how to use it. The orgasmic experience sends energies of healing and rejuvenation into your body and many times it can cause an intense release, and you are flooded with feelings.

Explore who you are, make an intention of what you are after, and make your time of expressing your sexuality a time of joy. Sex is not about performance, it is about the most intimate bonding and sharing that can possibly be. INTIMACY ( see into me) About fusing with another as you maintain your own sovereignty and rediscover what pleasure and joy are.

Perhaps you can change your focus during intercourse to not reach climax immediately. Have fun and build to the point just before climax, hold the frequency, subside to a point, and build up again and again.

There is also a tremendous excitement that can come from looking into each others eyes, exchanging the strands of DNA. This is a heart connection into the eyes of the soul. - the heart of the soul.

When you honour the process, spend hours doing so, because this creates a deep intimacy and the experience will last much longer. The rejuvenation or regeneration of the life force occurs when there is hours and hours of intimacy. You may also wish to work with you chakras, touching especially each others heart chakras. Put your hand on your heart of your partner and keep your hearts open.

Most of you are selective of what you eat. Be selective of how you want your body to be pleasured, give yourself permission to discover pleasure, talk about it, and to feel it.

Orgasm is not a local event, there are people who can have orgasms just by getting their ear tickled or wrists tickled. You can orgasm in your dreams and when your out of body. Orgasms is massively misunderstood. If you are really tuned into your sexuality a bite of delicious food could send an orgasm through you if you were that free.

Lets get to the point of masturbation - there is nothing wrong with masturbation as it is a fine practice if you learn to honour your body. Masturbate with projection, without shame and without dragging a variety of unknowns into your body through thought. If your using masturbation to release tension you need to reconsider. If you never masturbated, then how can you expect to have sex with someone else and expect them to know your body when you don't know it yourself.

When you have a build up of energy you don't know how to deal with or want to lessen the tension and using old patterns of masturbation, releasing energy and feeling good for only a few moments - go for gold and be a little out of comfort and hold the energy. Instead use crystals, breathing techniques, and pull a pillar of light through your minds eye, and feel it flooding the body. This will help you tremendously because you want to come into the knowledge and self value and know what your boundaries are and by holding your sexual energies, you will start using your solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye and crown chakra at the top of our head. You will be using your life force in a variety of ways rather than simply using one recipe for it.

It is one thing to explore sensuality and have orgasmic experiences by wanting to feel good and understand your sexuality so that you know who you are. Many people practice celibacy because they realize that the kind of sexual activity they were previously engaging in was draining their energy and if you experience periods of celibacy it is wonderful, because what you are doing is containing your energy. In most cases it is easier for women to open to intimacy than for men as women are more comfortable with their emotions. As human beings we are forever searching for the vibration of ecstasy, love and connection that comes from sexual frequency of ecstasy and love without feeling, sexuality is feeling - we are desperate for this feeling but most of us don’t know we are searching for it and in our naïve way the only way to we know is to seek sexual expression.

If you are a female you can help our male partner open up by accepting yourself and your own body and by creating for yourself a standard about the kind of man you are available for. You will magnetize this kind of man because he will be willing to learn and change. Men will find out that they draw themselves to those who will help them integrate.

Stay open , evaluate your present beliefs around sexuality and explore your boundaries. Sexuality is your birth right and a gift from the gods.

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