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Body Language

Body Language - Free will

As an Aquarian and an air sign, I am airy and floaty detached from situations and don’t normally get emotionally involved. I am conscious and not “sleep walking” like so many people do through life but If you’re reading this you probably have woken up and are a conscious being.

I am a human being like everyone else, with feelings and thoughts and sometimes wish for certain outcomes like all of us but yet when I am in a conversation with someone its like I am in the 3rd Dimension and the 4th or 5th at the same time. I can listen to a conversation and understand and remember everything you say, I analyse and think about what they just said and I can respond, but then as my mind shifts into the 4th/5th dimension in my mind its like I can read your eyes, your body language and sense your feelings in your words. You may say one thing but I can truly feel through your words and feelings of expressing what you mean. It is hard for me as sometimes I would like the outcome to be different but deep inside of my being I can sense what’s going on.

I have to be disciplined to be detached as every person is on their own life path and I can only provide support and love as much as I give in any circumstance I find myself in.

We don’t trust ourselves enough or our follow the signs about what our emotions is trying to tell us, your gut instinct is your solar plexus where your emotions are. It makes you feel and that is the guidance of what you want so follow your internal guidance system. We doubt ourselves and our ability when our senses are saying to do something which we just ignore and think we are making it all up.

In the end I cannot make anyone change but only be myself, be authentic to who I am and the right people will come into my life and those who want to stay or go will do so. I am also aware that life is complicated but it is as complicated or easy as you make it. If you feel trapped or in situations you cannot get out of then ask yourself why you feel you have to stay in that particular situation and what are you getting out of it or in return to stay in it.

You don’t do anything for anyone else without getting anything back in return, You give the homeless a blanket, a coffee or your change because in return you feel good about helping someone that day and making their life better so both people gets something, or you might say to your children “wear your seat belt when you drive and phone me when you get there” not because you are truly worried, ok yes of course you might concerned like any parent but because you don’t want the stress or inconvenience of seeing them in hospital or seeing them get hurt which will affect you if they do have a car crash or something happens on the way. So it is about you in the sense as much as about them so what do they get in return, they get to go to their party or whatever for the sake of wearing their seat belt and phone call to let their parents know they are okay. Examples are endless… Its all about what do I get out of it and we all do unconsciously without even realising.

I feel the eyes are the windows of the soul, how often do we really look into peoples eyes when we speak or communicate. The feelings and emotions you can get by looking into someone’s eyes are so touching and emotional. You connect with them on a different level. We are so disconnected from the world and most of us are so lonely and desperate for a real connection. We are not a species who are meant to be alone but yet we find ourselves surrounded by so many people, disconnect and lonely. How ironic is that?

I will try and write more blogs on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or want me to write about anything specific, message me any time.

Love and light always

Chrysilla E Lewies

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