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Echo of life, the chain reaction.

The Echo through life Everything you do and every decision you make affects the people you interact with. Every thought you think, each word spoken a vibration - Vibration of love, passion, joy, laughter or disappointment causing a ripple through time, affecting one person who takes it out on another and there we have a chain reaction where you might not have given it a second thought how your actions might affect the next person. Good or bad.

I know how much love and kindness I have given to all those I have interacted and interact with daily and how much pain I also have caused. It is easy to doubt ourselves and not give yourselves enough credit for what good we have done, no matter how small the deed know that you have made a difference in someone’s life. Helping family when they need it, be a there for a friend going through a tough time who just needs your listening ear or helping animals who can't help themselves. Speaking from experience I have made decisions that effected others - Good and bad, but remember that you have to make the right decision for you. You have to live with those decisions and you have to be happy making them even if it is hard at times. Be a good person, LOVE yourself enough to make tough choices. Have compassion for yourself knowing that you have done all you could and you did the best you can do.

You are not assisting the human race or this planet by living in a state of unhappiness or in resistance to the pull of the universe. If you resist the flow of what makes you happy or what you love then you are only showing others that it is okay to be unhappy and to sacrifice yourself for others and in reality it is not. It causes that echo to go from you to your children to their children and we all live in a state of unhappiness thinking we make each other happy. What makes you happy? What puts that spring in your step?

If you feel joy and LOVE share it, share that smile and vibration of excitment of life with the next person. It might help them and give them the encouragement to maybe talk to their boss or apply for a job - exactly what they needed at that moment and will cost you nothing. Say thank you, please and treat others how you want to be treated. No one is perfect and we all have bad days and hopefully in times like that we will have people to pick us up and encourage us to to be the best we can be.

We make dozens of decisions and choices a day and with each choice where you are in a state of doubt ask yourself if A or B will make me happy in this exact moment and following that through your day, week, month or year. You will know that you are in a state of bliss and on the road of least resistance and by doing so you will also find your life purpose.

Someone shared a beautiful song with me today. Not only did this song make my day, it was played so beautifully that it really touched me on a soul level. Playing music makes this individual happy and puts them in a state of pure bliss. By sharing it brought happiness and a heartfelt connection to myself and probably many others who they play for and to whom they share their music. We always ask and search for our life purpose and sometimes we allready do it so effortlessly.

Let your echo and footprint in this lifetime be one of LOVE, kindness and passion for what you love.

Love and light

Chrysilla E Lewies

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