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Coping Mechanisms

Spiritual bypassing or coping mechanism: living life as if there is only two ways to deal with an unpleasant situation: You either cope by making the thing you do not like OK, or you change externally.

Without realising we tend to blame others, take our frustration out on those close to us when we find it difficult to accept aspects of ourselves. There is always a compromise that can be made to meet both needs and you don't have to go against your beliefs and do things you don't feel comfortable with. The last thing you should do is change to please others as you will only loose yourself in the process and the more you move away from your true essence the harder it is going to be to put yourself together as you will only end up seeing others as a reflection, a mirror for what you are missing or have lost along the way trying to integrate those aspects back into self. Don't change or end up resenting yourself, feeling unloved and feeling that it is not okay to express your needs.

as the picture states;

GIVE - but don't allow yourself to be used.

You are there to give yourself freely as much you feel you can and want to. Don't be made to feel guilt to do anything.

LOVE - but don't allow your heart to be abused.

Allow those who want to love you to do so without restrictions and Give love as much you can give and show it in the ways you know how. Love is free flowing, with no resistance. As soon as you feel that love is a chore and something no longer enjoyed. STOP.

TRUST - but don't be naive

If you are going to trust, trust your instincts, trust your internal guidance system. Ask yourself what you need in this moment? Believe in yourself to know when something is not right.

LISTEN - but don't lose your own voice.

Don't let others influence you to the point that you no longer know which direction YOU should be going into. Listen to your heart, listen to your feeling state. If it doesn't feel good then you know that is not the direction you should follow.

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