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Time - No such thing


What is going on?

We are going to bed, sleep for what feels like all night and when we awaken, we have only slept an hour.

Are you feeling more tired? No Energy? Buzzing in your ears? Feeling a bit dizzy or disorientated at times.

Seems like we have been doing a lot of time jumping (Time shifts) where there might be minor differences to our reality but enough for us to notice. That is if you are awake and by awake I mean you are a conscious being aware of your surroundings, feelings states and be present with everything rather sleep walking like so many around us.

Have you heard of the Mandela Effect?

Do your own research and find out what it means but I’ll give you a brief explanation.

As a South-African, Mandela for me passed away in 2013 but when he passed a lot of people remembered that he passed away in prison in 1991. That was before his presidency and he was my president. Who was president then for you if this is the case?

This is why it is called the Mandela Effect and other similar examples like the T.V series “Sex and the City” known by many but for me it was “Sex in the City” or what about the movie called “Interview with a Vampire” or you might say “Interview with an vampire” which it seems to be now in this reality. This is confusing and I am not 100% sure why this is happening but I have different ideas I would like to put before you.

So we perceive time to be linear, right? You are born - You have your life - You pass away

We believe this because we see days and nights, we see the moon phases and lots more than stated and therefore we had the opportunity to create TIME. Although there is no such thing as time and all is existing at once. We are the only race in this universe who have created something that does not exist. We are powerful creators and once you realise you are not “this body” you are so much more than it. This planet is a hologram to have experiences for your soul to grow and expand through having good - bad experiences. You can start creating the reality you want and also not fall into the programme of you have to grow old. I am mentioning this as this plays a major part in our life and when we say that "we are not getting any younger" or "we are running out of time" you are only creating that reality for you and reaffirming it to yourself as well. See yourself young, meditate and look after yourself and visualise yourself youthful and young. Only by seeing everyone aging and blowing out candles on cakes each birthday essentially blowing away all the years you have lived – Why would we do that if not programming?

Lets move on

So if you see life like this;

You are in the middle having one experience that you are aware of, but every time you think of making a choice on your current path, a part of you do choose the other options you had on the table that you didn’t choose and they do get played out on other timelines. That is what makes our soul grow. We are just a speck of our over soul or higher self having this earthly experience.

It is also you in the middle with every other ring being your future, you past and your present.

When you meditate or dream it is possible for you to make a connection to your future or past self to warn them, help them or advise but this is not always done consciously or knowingly unless you do it with intent.

If you look at the Trance Medium called Darryl Anka who channels Bashar. Bashar is an aspect of his (Darryl) future self coming through in his current time line, his present.

If we dive a bit deeper to look at the E.T race called the Greys. They were us many eons ago and they didn’t appreciate what they had. They abused their planet, resources, technology took over. Like us they came to the point where they could no longer reproduce and their planet’s atmosphere became un breathable, the planet destroyed. Does this sound familiar?

The Greys had to adapt their bodies and they had to come up with another plan to continue their existence. As we are their past they have travelled back through portals of time and made soul contracts with us to be taken aboard their ships to give our sperms and eggs for reproduction. Those chosen families are currently playing a major role in the hybrid programme.

They greys use this space time to get to our reality

If you look at image 2, this is how it will look like from a more 2d perspective than image 1. Each circle would be you in a different timeline, dimension as you are a multidimensional being. You are all of the above (one with the universe) and only aware of the here and now and that is how this construct was created.

Humans have not evolved enough yet to use these portals, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We see E.Ts visiting us and left us clues everywhere. It is hard to believe that they cannot be real and we will be naïve to think that anyway. They are with us now just beyond the vale, vibrating at a higher rate than us so therefore out of our reality as we can only interact with others that are a vibrational match to our or we have to increase or lower our vibrations to be in contact.

Let me explain how this might be possible by giving you some background scenarios.

Scene 1

We have become advanced enough with technology and our space programme and have found a similar planet to earth to explore. Were not sure if there is any life but the potential is great if not certain. We plan all the details and we set out on our mission to this new planet.

Scene 2

Let us look at the book called “Chariots of the Gods”

We travel back in time, many- many moons ago as homo sapiens. We are minding our own business, with our hand made tools and living wild with no knowledge of how to grow our own food, what to eat or how to make a fire.

Out of nowhere one day the flying beast from the heavens comes down with their weird looking suites and clothing. They came to look for life on other planets in the galaxy. They show the Homo sapiens to make a fire, how to grow food and make better hand tools etc.

In their eyes we become Gods, they worship the place we landed, they start making sacrifices and worshiping the ground. They build monuments in our name.

Well what do you think?

Is the concept of time now starting to make a bit more sense to you?

In 2012 there has been a major shift on our planet where a lot of us are awakening to our true spiritual selves. As we are expanding and growing so does the earth, Mother Gaia we live on. She is preparing to make a jump into a whole new paradigm.

Since 2012, time as we know it is accelerating and with it we are changing and becoming lighter beings (higher vibrational beings). In the 3D reality world we were back in 2012 and prior, everything was dense and heavy and many were not aware of who they were spiritually.

Now, we are seeing our diets changing where we no longer crave red meat. We are drawn more to eat chicken or fish which is less dense and lighter to consume and enable our bodies to become more light. Many of us are becoming vegetarians and in doing so we are becoming more spiritually aware. By changing our diets to lighter foods our energy is becoming lighter, faster and our vibrations become higher – Everything accelerating.

In one of my videos – “Grounding” click on video

I explain the difference between grounding yourself and lowering your vibration and by eating red meat and animal products will be lowering your vibration.

As the energies are increasing, our earth is gaining momentum to make the jump into the 4D and eventually into the 5th Dimension which I believe will be in this lifetime.

Going back to the beginning of this article and time line shifts I believe we are entering the 4D now and that is why we are seeing so many anomalies and seeing through the vale.

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