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The miracle of healing

When your body is out of alignment, it will give you the appropriate signs to know where you need to concentrate your energies and make adjustments to put yourself back into balance and harmony.

When healing is given, you will use your two strongest assets which is your hands and your mind. Everything else is but a tool you can add to assist the healing process. By using Quantum Healing Hypnosis, we use our mind to Delph deep into the subconscious self to find what is causing the dis-ease and by adjusting the frequencies of the body we allow for healing to occur. When using your hands, you are receiving energy from the source and sending energy through the centre of your palms to the person who is at a dis-ease.

How do I know I am healer? We are all healers.

You may find your hands tingling or burning in the middle of the night or when your mind is not occupied with thought. That is the energy flowing through you. You heal by sending a thought out to the cosmos, saying a prayer or physically seeing a person one on one by using techniques like Quantum Healing hypnosis, Reiki or you may work with the energy centres of the body. They are all techniques to work with energy differently.

When you give healing, it’s not you healing the other person although it would be nice to think that. There are greater powers at play. As a Quantum healing practitioner, it is beautiful to witness healing when someone comes to you with chronic pain and you have made space for them to heal themselves and they are in a place for that healing to occur. You are only there to facilitate the session and let the higher mind do the work and use your energy to put the other person back into alignment. Using many of the modalities, you are raising and adjusting their vibration to match yours in a sense for them to heal them

selves. This is when our higher self, Spirit loved ones, guides and angels can step forward and use us the “Healer” as an instrument for the miracle of healing to take place. As everything is energy, you allow your energy to flow where your attention goes.

In every moment and every second you are a new you. You are not the same person you were a moment ago. Start to believe that you are healthy without pain with every conscious thought you think. See yourself in that perfect state of health and that goes for anything in your life you wish to change. Be the miracle you see in yourself and in others and know that anything is possible if you believe it is.

Love and light

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