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The year ahead-2018

Channelled by Chrysilla Lewies

You have the power within in to achieve your goals, you have the strength within to overcome your weaknesses. Don’t allow other people’s hurt and their fear put you back as you learn from your own experiences and you cannot be afraid of what others might say.

That is their fear and their challenges to overcome but as we look ahead some of cannot help but ask “what is my purpose in life”?

What is it you desire, I ask? By stepping out of the fear you can achieve anything. Find your passion and if you don’t know what that is, do what you love every day. You don’t have know what this new year holds for you. Be in the now and do everything with passion. Accept the things you can’t change and change the things you can, in the now, today!

The universe doesn’t hold back and will not allow for you to feel and want things and not be in a position to provide. You are worthy of what you want and you cannot want something that is not meant to be yours. Be open and connect with the higher vibrations around you and what I mean with that is; be around those that make you feel good and do things that feel right. Know that you are connected to all that is. You are a power source, a generator.

Know how to spend that power and your energy, and realise on what it will be wasted on as you become aware of what drains your energy. Do not try and proof yourself, where there is no need to do so. Believe in yourself, trust yourself. You don’t have to justify your feeling or actions. If your actions are pure and for your growth. Allow yourself to listen and the universe will put the people in your path to achieve your goals but you will have to work for it also as much as the universal power will support and provide.

You cannot sit back and expect things to show up in your life. Take action and show willingness.

Start the new year with a journal with all your aspirations and your goals and set the intentions; by the end of the year you will be looking back and see that you will have achieved those goals or some of it. It is possible, live in gratitude and write down all that you are grateful for every day. Even if it is just “I am thankful for the air that I breath.”

Staying in the light and positive vibrations, your energy will always radiate that of love and you will attract those on the same vibrational frequency.

Be kind

Be loving

It is true when they saythat you don’t know what any other person is going through at any one time. You cannot judge a book by its cover, not fully. They will always proof you wrong as there is always something deeper within each and every one of us that has a spark of beauty. They might be hiding it or they might be scared to show it. That is why it is important to take personal responsibility for all that we do and say.

Look at yourself as a flower, every action, every thought just a seed. The more you nourish that seed the more the flower will grow and you will start to see a stem, a leave and then eventually see it bloom. As this flower blooms, know that this flower is you, growing as an individual and the flowers are the gift of all your hard work coming to fruition.

As Deepak Chopra says “ A flower doesn’t try to bloom, it just blooms” so it is in our natural flow of life to have what we desire if we allow the process to unfold.

May this year be a year where all your dreams come true.

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