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Walk through the rhythm of love, Walk through the rhythm of joy,

As you go within yourself, you will feel your heartbeat that has a rhythm of its own. The rhythm of having ups and downs in life, and it's up to you to use this rhythm to operate on the highest vibrations, or are you going to allow it to take you the lowest of low?

Dance to the rhythm, as you are in control! The Rhythm can be seen as vibrations, you can feel it enter your body. You feel the energy and where it resonates within the body.

Does it resonate with your heart or does it resonate with the mind? Stimulating the mind, making you feel calm, relaxed and energised.

Follow the rhythm of your soul and you will find the end of your rainbow and the joy it brings, thinking of all the good in your life. You feel the resonance in your physical body and your etheric body. Life is not about being better than anyone else but becoming the best version of you. You cannot compare yourself as you are unique in every possible way imaginable.

Here is the drumming video that inspired these few short words. Video created by a friend of mine - Yona Curtis

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