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The Caveman - A QHHT Session

I had a beautiful session with a gentleman who finds himself very isolated from the world in this life, and what I mean by isolated is; He likes his own company, he has a very creative mind and loves to push the limits of his body and mind. He was very worried that he wouldn't be a good subject as he is very much a left - brain person. He compared all our spiritual talks to science, but it was good that he was curious and questioned the process and at the same time allowed for the process to work. In this session it was incredible to witness how there was no understanding when it came to certain aspects of the life he was watching.

His beautiful place is up in the mountains - Brown wheat fields, golden grasslands, snow mountains, no buildings and no roads - just dust tracks. Wind and silence in no man's land in the Himalayas.

Here is the session of a new beginning; C = Chrysilla Lewies R = Client

He drifts off the cloud

C – What do you see down there below you, as you come back down to the surface? R – Stone, fire, volcano, blackness, storms. C – Do you feel like you are in danger? R – Yes, don’t feel save. C – What are you currently doing as you are watching all of this happening? R – Standing on this rock.

He continues to explain that the volcano is exploding, he is a man and barefoot. As he continues to describe himself he realises he is the man who he is now, watching all of this chaos as an observer but he looks younger but his hair is longer.

C – Are all of these natural disasters? R – Yes, all natural. I am alone. The lava is meters away from me and I have nowhere to go. I am on a slope, a granite slope all uneven. There are forests in the horizon. C – Is there anything happening in the forest? R – No, It’s just wild and far away. C – Do you feel this is a place where you can go to and be safe? R – No, nowhere feels safe, but everything is untamed. C – Is everything you have ever had in this place been destroyed? R – There is nowhere to live before things lived. With not much more to explore, I moved him to an important day although I felt this current scene was already huge and instead of moving him ahead, we compressed time and moved him back in time to see why he was shown this particular scene.

R – I’m not supposed to be here, I am not part of this time. C – Do you know what time it is? R – Back in the beginning, the past. C – As you look back and you look at the disasters occurring in this untamed place. What happened for these events to unfold?

R – It is not a disaster. The world is growing and changing. It’s quite violent. C – Until it finds balance? (Yes)

It sounds like R is in the beginning of time observing the world from a place of raw beauty. He kept reiterating that it wasn’t some sort of disaster. It will be natural to assume that it was, if someone says there is volcano exploding and there is chaos all around. I moved him to an important day. At first, he was struggling to see so, I gave him suggestions to take his time until he is settled into the new appropriate scene and then pictures will come.

R – I see a fireplace, trees, voices of other people. They are eating. C – Is this all taking place outside? (Yes). How does the other people look like? R – They are happy but primitive. C – What type of food are they eating? R – Meat. C – Are you still observing? R – I feel like I am in a circle of people. I feel bigger than before, stronger, larger and I feel very warm. I am smarter, the decider.

C – It sounds like you could be the leader? R – No, just more aware, surviving and protecting. There is no leader. C – What are you protecting them from? R – From Confusion, everyone is happy but confused. C – What is causing this confusion? R – I don’t understand enough things. (This is long after the 'chaos' scene he explained but everything is still in chaos). My hands are very big, I am very heavy. C – Are you taller than the rest of your group? R – No, Just very, very heavy. Heavy in my weight. C – How do you protect the people? R – By hearing, strength, but I feel too heavy and slow and that something isn’t right inside of me, in my body – stomach. I want to protect the people, everyone protects, but we need help. There was some sort of discomfort taking place but as a primitive man, he explained that he is aware that he didn’t have this his whole life and there wasn't an external cause for it. He knows that there is something in his stomach and also effecting his chest making him feel tired, sick and coughing.

C – What type of help do you need? R – Safety, the people need to be guided. I see a woman, a partner or sister. C – Are there lots of women in your group? R – No, an equal amount - we are 6. He continues to say: She is smiling, there is laughter. C – What is she wearing? R – Cloth, dry dark hair, there is this ‘warmth’ to her and I feel worried. C – Worried for her? R – No, for everyone. C – Does she have a name? R – No, I can’t ask. C – How do you communicate? R – We use our eyes and hands and sounds. C – And you feel this warmth towards her? R – To everyone. C – Does everyone in your circle have duties, like to collect food and have certain things to do during the day that is important for survival? R – No, It just happens, there is no roles. Mothers, Elders there is no thought just do. Just do things. C – Do you communicate with anyone else in the outside world? R – With birds and trees. We listen and use our mind. We watch but listening most. C – Communicate with Nature, you are in tune with Nature and understand it? R – Maybe, yes…Like a wind, there is a confusion still. People want to interact with things. C – Have you explored and found other people or help? R – Don’t really understand the help. What help means… C – I thought you said you needed help? R – There is a confusion, this has been going on for a while. C – What would you do in your normal day? R – Walking, listening, wonder… There’s laughter and people, touch and smell… Think of questions, but don’t understand.

He was pausing a lot as he was running through the events of his day. They all seem very inquisitive but trying to orient themselves and finding answers to WHY they were so confused and lost. In his answering, his answers are short and you can get a sense that there isn’t a big vocabulary to work with as he is trying to explain his life and surroundings. I also knew he was really under hypnosis when he couldn’t understand my question regarding help, he didn’t understand the concept.

C – What don’t you understand?

R – What they are questioning.

C – Is there something specific they are questioning?

R – The bark of the tree is falling away, the sap.

C – Are you concerned about it?

R – No, they are puzzled but it is fascinating. Things change, they don’t remain and it confuses. Growth is confusing.

C – What do you mean?

R – The trees, people. Don’t understand why things change.

C – Do you mean like growing up and growing old. R – No, tree is taller, loses bark, colour change, wind change. wood and fire changes shape. C – So you are seeing all these changes and you don’t understand the why. Am I getting this right? R – Yes, it feels like something inside understands but also doesn’t. Something is changing within myself the more I understand but can’t, but there are no words.

I can just imagine the frustration of not being able to communicate and not understanding the world around you. I moved him to the next scene where he finds himself in a cave. R – I am in a cave, there is rain, it is colder and we are higher up. There are less people.

C – How many of you are there now?

R – About 4, there are less sounds, less green.

C – Are you in winter? R – I Don’t understand winter… C – Are there trees around?

R – Trees are brown, less life, dry. There is a creature, some bird and it is not good. C – Is the bird dangerous? R – Kind of, it’s scary and they eat meat. They want the meat – I am in a hole and people are more scared, more watchful. I feel hungrier, thinner and tired.

C – What happened to the other members of your circle? R – They are sort of lost. We are waiting and hoping. We are waiting for them. We are looking. I feel sad. C – Sad for losing some of your members? R – Sad for the world. Things are changing, but they are bad changes. Things are grey and it is like it is an ‘end-ness’. I feel older… I am looking for food.

C – Do you and the tribe travel a lot, from place to place? R – Yes, but not from place to place. Just through things as there is no home. There is no will. We just move and don’t think about it. C – How is your health, are you still struggling with your stomach? R – Don’t understand health… I feel lighter and faster. C – Have you found a companion or partner… R – Not there.C – Have you found Happiness? R – There is always happiness. There’s always instant things, don’t understand the ‘happiness’ just the sadness or laughter. I guided him through the death scene and he got the answers he needed from the subconscious mind. After he was brought back to the now, he asked: “What now?” He didn’t seem to remember much as I went through all he experienced and repeated the answers his subconscious gave. He continued and asked, “But what does it all mean?”

Quantum Healers are facilitators and we facilitate the session, the client will bring their questions and in a successful session, they will walk away with the answers from the subconscious to help them on their journey forward in life, but not this client. “I want to know more” he said. “Are you not going to psychoanalyse me?” I continued to explain that I am not a qualified psychologist. He smiled and look at me, “Tell me what you think this means, why was I shown those scenes?”

I can imagine that a lot of clients feel this way so I agreed to explain what this meant and said: “I will tell you what I think and having only a little time to get to know you”. I feel that this could potentially be where a Beyond Quantum Healing session will allow you to add the extra analyses for the client if they so wish and with the additional statement that you are not a qualified therapist. I do tell my clients that the subconscious will show you scenes that will give the answers to the questions you bring and an understanding from a different perspective.

The first scene was his life. He is currently in a place where he feels stuck. Nowhere feels safe and he doesn’t know where to go to feel safe. The world around him is ‘untamed’ as he called it and he doesn’t feel like there is order yet. His life is not a disaster but in the midst of finding balance.The first scene he was in a place of seeing change and I explained; You’re feeling heavy, meaning you feel stuck. Your life changed and this left you speechless and in shock. He is always questioning everything that is happening around him, trying to understand things and put them into place.

In this session he was very inquisitive, so he is very inquisitive in his nature, his life. He doesn’t like change and in one moment, something happened that changed his whole life and turned his life upside down. He needs to find the balance again, the Will to continue on his path and his passion for life, complete the vision he sees for himself. He enjoys people and life, learning about the world.The next scene he was lighter, meaning he will be getting out of this feeling of ‘stuckness’ there is a change in the weather meaning that he will be noticing the changes as they are happening. He also finds himself higher up at the start of the scene also an indication of growth. Doesn’t matter what life brings, he always found happiness in any given moment with his tribe which means his life in the now also. He then moved through the death scene and his life purpose was to show more emotion, new beginnings, more possibilities that bring forward more questions. I feel this was so apt for him and he resonated with everything that I said.

I am very grateful that he allowed for the process to unfold. I hope you enjoyed reading this session as much as I did facilitating it.


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