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New Earth 5D Experience

New Earth, 5D Experience!

Like many, lucid dreaming is occurring more often as we become aware of the fact that we are working in a new dimension in dream state. Have you ever wondered what the new earth might look like or how we are currently making the transition into the 5D?

It was early morning and I was coming back to full consciousness, all I could hear myself say is "remember, remember, remember." We all know that dreams fade so quickly as we come back to full consciousness, although on this occasion this was not just an ordinary dream. I was waking up having spent the night in the dimension known as 5D. There is such a thin layer separating us now that a blending of both worlds occurred, but I was still unable to remain in that dimension.

The 5D is like ours in likeness, there’s peace and love and it all seems to have a perfect balance as there are no accumulated Karma to clear, no violence and no wars. The transition will be gradual, and we all have been wondering on how this will unfold as there are many variations on what is being reported. None of them are wrong, all reporters are getting to know the next world in stages. As I was given a glimpse of this New Earth, I know that we will be guided through the transition period and that we should not be concerned about how our reality construct will be crumbling around us. Did you know that only 000.1% of our physical world is made out of physical material matter? Like our bodies, the Earth is also shedding her ‘physical body’ and so are we. This transition will not happen overnight and it doesn’t mean that we will no longer be in this ‘physical body’ as I believe that we will be. Our vibrational frequency will be increasing, the veil is thinning and gradually the transition will be made. The lower density world will still be in existence for those who want to incarnate here and have a 3D experience.

The beauty beyond the veil was indescribable. There were guides in the 5D assigned to help with the transition. By getting those who are ready for the ascension process to familiarise themselves with the New Earth. This will assist with the understanding of how things will unfold. The colors were bright with lots of different variations of pink that stood out. I was aware of the physical 3D world and the people within it, although they were not aware of me. Our vibrations were different and of two worlds. There was mind to mind communication with no need to physically speak your mind. I felt drawn to have physical material things although it was no longer a necessity to have.

Imagine yourself behind a bulletproof glass window where one side is a mirror and the other translucent. When we make the transition, you will be able to see through the veil, but you won’t be able to interact with the other side. It’s like flying in an Airplane with a whole world beneath you and you cannot touch it and you cannot influence it. You are so close, but yet so far out of reach.

Gaia is a conscious living being with ‘thoughts,’ as strange as that might sound and thoughts hold energy and power. As Humans we have the understanding that thoughts become things and It’s an intention you set for yourself as to where you want to go and see yourself in the future. Allow me to break it down:

We are cells within a body. Within cells there are molecules, then atoms. If we break it down once more and you will get subatomic particles which is your neurons and protons and then you get to the level of pure energy which is what we are. We are 9.999% energy with 0.001% of physical matter. Energy is just that - it is nothing and everything until our hearts and minds are in unison to manifest the desired outcome.

Gaia is doing just that! She has realised her potential, she has seen what she could become and have set the intention to create an ascended future self and therefore it will be. Change is inevitable as there is constant change within the universe and within ourselves. Collectively with mother Gaia, we have realised our potential for change and it is happening right now.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

Chrysilla is a Quantum Healing practitioner and Medium

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