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Channelled Message - Connection

Channelling 12.06.18

You are attaching yourself to the unimportant and putting energy into that which is of little significance and therefore unfortunately you are detaching yourself from the world. You no longer know your neighbour or know how to connect. Do you really know yourself, the true essence of who you are?

Some of you want to know your Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals or Galactic guides, yet you do not know yourself. Connect to those around you, connect to the energies of the earth and bring forth the light that you are. The work that needs to be done is HERE right now in the physical.

Yes, we do want to work with you from this side of the veil. But we cannot do so if you haven’t established yourself fully on earth and built a foundation for us to blend with your world.

Hold space for what is important in your life. By knowing and trusting your own potential, you will pave the way to manifest your desires.

Love yourself!

Love comes with a balance. The world also has balance within it, be prepared to do what it takes to step into the essence of pure potential we call love..

Love You and Thank You


Channelled by Chrysilla Lewies

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