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A Higher Dimensional - Future Self

There are those who play with the idea of Time being an illusion and it’s a subject that makes one think outside of what we believe to be true. What if time is a mere illusion and all we have to do is expand our mind to tap into it.

As a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Medium, I can, by setting an intention to connect with a loved one who have crossed over. Connecting to your loved ones, who you held close, loved and still love. It’s always a real privilege to convey the messages by telling their life story, as we bring them back to life with specific evidence for you, that will prove that they are still very much alive and well where they now reside. They bring forth evidence of memories and past events and also words of wisdom to assist you on your current pathway.

As an experiment with a colleague, we used the outlined details below to connect to a loved one:

  • Give a brief description to whom we would like to connect with, but Instead of a loved one, I called forth a higher dimensional, future aspect of myself.

  • Start the mediumship communication by describing how they appear to you and what messages they have for the recipient. Note that the recipient should be able to understand the information given.

you heard of the saying that you will always be drawn to a group, a friendship, a partner or someone who is a vibrational match to yours? If there isn’t a vibrational match of some degree. If not, one or the other will have to either lower or increase their vibrational frequency to match that of the other person or there will be no connection at all. It is the same when doing mediumship. If those who have left the earth plane are of a higher vibrational frequency than the medium can reach, they will find it difficult to communicate or until such time they find the right person that can hold their energy. Ian and I both had the intention to communicate with someone who doesn’t come through often (In his case and my unique intention) making us a vibrational match to work together. We manage our frequency physically and spiritually by eating the right foods and also by having a healthy lifestyle which may include daily meditation. This enabled both Ian and I to be a vibrational match to work together on this experiment, or shall we say ‘what a coincidence.’ With a brief description; I asked Ian to connect with a lady that I have a close relationship with; making him aware that it wasn’t family. He laughed and jokingly s

aid: “Is that all you’re going to give me?” I knew that I was really making him work to build that connection. Generally, a working medium doesn’t get any help and there is a famous saying, “Don’t feed the medium.” It is their duty to prove to their recipient that they have the right contact and give specific evidence to prove this. By setting the intention and giving him a brief description, he already had a head start. He was unaware that I was going to ask him to connect to a future aspect of myself and to be honest, I didn’t know if this experiment was going to work either. I closed my eyes and by using thought, I called forth my higher dimensional Self to communicate. We are used to tapping into the past memories and into what we call the ‘norm’ of what type of information should be received and given, although each reading is still very unique depending on the evidence being presented.

Ian starts to explain what he sees: “I have a lady that is showing herself to me, she is pixy like with long hair and she’s really slim. She has an unearthly feeling about her. She is showing me a box full of crystals; I see amethyst in this box, and there are lots of words contained within it. There is also a book; this is to give you knowledge and wisdom. She is almost Elf like and she has this ‘Lord of the Rings’ look and feel about her.”

“She is independent and there is a deep emotional level of connection with her. She is of her own mind and very much an individual.”

As he delivered the first part of the message, there was a moment where he stopped and noticed that something wasn’t right with this communication, or shall we say the normal type of communication. “This is a very strange one,” he said. I couldn’t stop smiling at this point as this experiment just showed that anything is possible and that you can tune into any part of yourself: Your future, your current or your past. He continues: “There is a teaching aspect with her in one form of or the other and there is teaching with you. She is very delegate, and everything she does is done in a loving manner and delicately. There is this bright light above you and it’s coming down into you, from Her. She is otherworldly with an interest with not the earth but with everything as she is showing me the constellations. There is also both an angelic and an earthy quality about her.”

As his mind drifted back to the box that appeared to him he continued to explain what he was being shown. “It’s like Pandora’s Box, but it doesn’t hold all the evils of the world. The book holds knowledge and with it is a crystal ball. Everything that is good is held within this box.

Ian started to look a bit confused as he delivered the message. “I am not giving you much information about this person.” I assured him that he was doing amazing and that I will explain it all when he feels he has finished the communication. The higher dimensional aspect or future self, in short, spoke to ‘ME’ through the medium and with a message. The soul essence will always come through with a message as part of the communication.

The message “You are interested in all things that bring knowledge and wisdom. She’s not only interested with this earth as her interest extends to all within the galaxy, the solar system, and the stars.

The globe Ball is given to you to be discerning, it is great to be open-minded but be discerning to what you take on board. Know your truth.

She is an extremely honest and truthful person. She is very sensible, very open – almost too open. But the openness is due to her sensitivity. Sometimes it can be too much especially on the earth. She has the spiritual understanding and thankfully she had the understanding about what is the truth when you leave this world.”

Debrief I explained that I called in a future aspect of myself. It wouldn’t have been fair to call in a loved one as I didn’t know a lot about our family who have crossed over and I wouldn’t have been able to take the evidence presented. I have been very fortunate.

He was very pleased about this confirmation and that I have chosen to do this experiment with him, as he also has a fascination with Time and Space. He said: “I couldn’t pick up anything from her life. She was very earthly, beautiful, along with having a connection with elementals and nature spirits. She was pointing to the stars and I could see this beam of light coming from the stars. The box was full of words - to give you the words to teach and work with philosophy.”

“The energy received came through with much emotion, and the energy was of a higher vibrational being.”

It all fell into place to why he was shown all these ‘out of this world’ details. I was able to personally relate and take all the information that was given. Not because I know what I will be in the future, but because of my knowledge, experience, and fascination with crystals, philosophy and being drawn to do teaching in this lifetime.

We can all do this by tuning into our own psychic abilities. You can also explore these aspects of yourself through a Quantum Healing session. There are many avenues to consider and all of it is possible when we don’t limit ourselves.

Credit to the Artist Sonia Wilde who painted Kai’ina. She paints Spirit Guides & Spirit Animals.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

A Quantum Healing Practitioner and Medium.

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