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The Big Awakening Through Loss

James Van Praagh is an International working medium who also teaches through his school of musical arts.

I attended a one-day class by James Van Praagh on his recent trip to the U.K. There were many in attendance; some were practicing mediumship, or using their senses in some way. That which touched me the most was the sheer number of people who attended due to a loss of a loved, and haven’t experienced this form of communication before.

Everything happens for a reason, so being here on this day was no coincidence. Leading up to James’ workshop, I had received several email invitations to join him. Every time I would look at the dates and say to myself “I’ll think about it”, and put it on the back burner. Alternatives did a great job of advertising this event; it was as if the universe told them to get me through the doors!

James has an incredible ability to explain complex questions such as re-incarnation, our Higher Self and the difference between our Higher Self and what we call our Over soul. James is such an energetic soul you can see that this work is truly his passion.

If you are aware of James’s Philosophy, you will know that he also speaks a lot about HSP’s, meaning “A Highly Sensitive Person.” All of us are sensitive to some degree and as empaths we can feel what others are feeling and tune into that without too much effort. As we become more aware of how the energy of others affect us; we can look at protecting our energy/Aura by not allowing negative energy or outside influences to affect us as much as they do.

Outlined below are some of my favour exercises we did on the day:

  1. Walking Meditation

We started walking around randomly in various directions. After 30 seconds we had to stop and then lock eyes with someone and by looking into their eyes for a minute, you can feel their emotions and sense their soul Communicating.

What made this exercise really special was when James Van Praagh presented us with one question. “What is keeping this person from reaching their full potential?”

He then continued by saying: “How does this resonate with you?”

As the world around us is a mere reflection of whom we are, it was shocking to realise that what I was seeing in the other person, was exactly what was holding me back. It then hit me like a ton of bricks! I suddenly realised that I have the potential to do anything, I hold the keys to that potential and all I need to do is use them.

Pairing up with someone we were shown how to feel the aura, through the simple exercise of rubbing your hands together, then feeling the energy in between your palms and fingers; the sensation was a feeling of pushing and pulling. Through the same practice you will then feel the energy of the person in front of you - allowing the energy to guide your hand, and showing you how closed or open their aura and chakras are.

When you can feel the aura is weak, you will pull at the energy as if you are pulling on an imaginary thread. The ‘stuck’ energy will then be pulled out of the body and given to mother earth to transmute.

In order to clear the energy in such a manner, you will need to overcome the ‘ego’. This could be having thoughts like: “Do I look silly? “Is this really working?” or “am I doing this right?” This will be a self-conscious thought – Step out of that. Remember that everything is energy, and it is about the intention you set when working with clients.

There were many mediumship demonstrations during the day. The delegates themselves also put all their skills learned to use and tried to find a link of their own to practice communicating.

There are many great mediums; all of them unique with their own set of gifts and life experiences. Find the one that is right for you!

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

A Quantum Healer and Medium

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