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Con Air, a Lurking Spirit to the Rescue

My room was haunted and a scary place, but as I had a wild imagination it lead to no one believing me. It was daunting to think that I had to deal with this all on my own. I’m about 10, sitting in bed terrified as my eyes were watching the corners of the room as if to see what was lurking there at night.

Having a study, my own bathroom and separate bedroom, you would think that I was a lucky girl having all that space and privacy. But at night, I would leave the bathroom light switched on and the television set on a timer as I try to fall asleep while watching Con Air. My eyes eventually shut from being exhausted and the feeling of fear would leave me as I drift off to sleep. Falling asleep was only the first obstacle because as soon I did, I found myself in my etheric body, in a nightmare instead of a dream. I’m in my bathroom, I’m holding the Holy Bible and repeating the Lord’s Prayer; over and over again. Tears rolling down my cheeks, the fear sets in again, gripping me. There is a girl in the corner of the room, but she is floating in the air and hiding in the right hand corner of the ceiling next to my wardrobes. She wants me to follow her and I feel her wanting to pull me in. I cannot resist as I am being pulled in as if by a vortex of energy. Suddenly I would gather the strength to pull myself back, back into my body where I would wake up.

Sitting up in bed, switching the light back on to catch my breath, I will lean over to my side table to get the remote and I would turn on the Television and continue to watch Con Air, until I would fall asleep again until the sound of my alarm would wake me at dawn. There were times I woke up twice and there were times I just couldn’t sleep. This happened so often that I could no longer sleep in my room and my sister kindly offered that I may join her in hers.

When you walk in a room that gives you chills, your body gives you all the signs that something is watching you and that you are not alone. This is the feeling you had every time, but sometimes it would be so bad that the body’s fight or flight response would kick in. You start running from the bathroom, through the study, the bedroom and into the main part of the house. As you run, I would hit all the light switches off using the bottom part of my palm and dash as if your life was in danger.

There came a point where I would really scare my parents, especially my mother. I would witness chairs moving, hearing the screech on the ground as it grinded on the floor tiles; the feeling of being touched or the duvet being pulled from you at night. I did move back to my room eventually, but the feeling or the nightmares never left.

The Rescue

I believe that everything happens for a reason. My spiritual development have sky rocket since my move to the U.K. and it’s here where I now work with Spirit in weekly séances; through my mediumship and by visiting historic sites to communicate with Spirits who still reside there. There has been validation where others have seen a lady in my room who is believed to have been the previous owner.

My parents still live exactly where I had all those experiences. When I visit, I still sleep in that room. I have thought many times to try and communicate with her or them to see how I can help, but I never have. Over the last decade, I have learned a lot and I would caution everyone to not play around with matters they do not fully understand. In my case I was personally involved with lots of emotional trauma with what I have experienced and I was scared. I didn’t want to make the activity worse as I was only visiting South-Africa for short periods and I wouldn’t want to leave my parents open and vulnerable.

There is a saying: “Don’t limit a limitless power”

On one of our weekly séances, a person I knew came forth, she impressed on me my childhood memories and through my mind communicated that she had someone with her that needed our help. I do spirit rescues; which means to assist a soul that could be stuck on the earth plane and they might be scared to cross over into the light. This could be due to various reasons: they could be attached to someone here on the earth or attached to earthly belongings.

The communicator acted as a spirit handler who came forth to seek our help and with her, she had the lady who haunted my dreams and my waking reality for many years. She needed our help to cross over as she felt it was time to do so. As she was tipping the table, we called forth the Arch Angels and her loved ones to open the portal of light to the heavens, and to guide this soul over to the eternal light and to a place that she calls heaven. The energy was so intense that the hairs on our arms were dead straight and tears rolling down my face as you could feel the energy. You could feel the transition taking place and all that horrid dreams and experiences I had being released at the same time. A few seconds passed and then there was silence, everything went quiet and all you could feel was an eternal peace come over the entire room. Experiences such as this are always emotional. We thanked all who helped us on the higher planes and we closed the evening with prayer.

The spirit entity knew that I was a person who was able to assist her. She picked a spirit handler that I knew and they chose a place where I would be in an open receptive environment with support of other experienced friends to provide the help and encouragement that she needed to cross over, and she did.

There is so much to learn. Where do we go when we leave this world? Yet there is still much that remains a mystery. It leaves us scratching our heads as it’s a subject to big and complex for our physical minds to comprehend.

Chrysilla Lewies

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