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The Loss of a Loved One

How often do we think about death?

Some of us have never experienced a loss of a loved one where others have lost many. We cannot put a time frame to the healing process to overcome such a shock and the hole it leaves in one’s life.

Some of us wonder what happens when we leave this world, but it also depends on what you believe. I believe that life is eternal and that our souls will forever live on. When we see death, it is not of a physical nature, but only moving from one form to another which means that our souls can no longer be contained within the body as a vehicle, and it decides to cross over to continue to learn and grow in a different place of existence.

Death is a loss to us, but not to those that greet them on the other side. They are free of illness and pain and they feel young again with no restrictions of a physical body, creating a beautiful place of rest. We might miss them here on this physical plane, but they are always just a thought away. We miss their physical presence, and how they helped us every day. They still listen to us, and if we take a moment to be silent, we will be able to hear their guidance. They communicate by leaving pennies, feathers and signs that are unique to us. If in doubt, ask for a sign and they will happily oblige. They want you to know they are just fine.

It tests our faith, and when we grief we have to be strong and draw upon our knowledge and knowing that they we will meet again one day.

Life is for living and we have such a short time to do it fully. Live with gratitude, with love in your heart. Forgive and let go, and concentrate on all the positive and good things that life brings. When overcome with grief, start by remember our loved ones by holding them close and feeling the love in your heart space. Have keepsake, a photo or talk to them as if they are listening, because they are. Get back up from where you fell in the knowing that death is not the end.

Many find solace in their local Spiritual centres or Spiritual Churches or other faith and religions - Guided there to find peace and the purpose of life along with the understanding of the true purpose of our soul and the eternal life that awaits us.

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