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Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding our life purpose is the BIG question we ask ourselves at some point in our life and this is the No 1 question that comes up in most of my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions and readings. It gives us a purpose, direction, and clarity to know the meaning of why we are here on earth.

Find Your Life’s Purpose The first step to finding one’s life purpose is to start by doing self-inquiry, and you can do that by asking yourself two questions: Who am I? What am I?

By making a list of the above including all the things you enjoy such as your hobbies or your passions will allow for you to get a visual image of what’s already your life purpose; the things you love and things that fulfill you. So many of us are in jobs that we dislike and we find that we are sacrificing ourselves and pushing aside that spark that calls us for the need of obligation, which makes you feel like you’re swimming upstream with a rush of water that keeps pushing you back and no matter what you do, it feels like you’re just not getting anywhere. Getting to know your life purpose will come naturally to you.


Making of the List

Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing and then make a list of all the things you might be doing out of obligation or responsibility.

In doing something that doesn't align with what you want to do means that you are suffering (emotionally) and this could be minor things that you don't think is important at all. By becoming present and questioning everything you do (your actions) you will become more aware and step into who you truly are, and become aware of your life purpose more fully.

Our life purpose isn't always something big. It can be as simple as taking it easy, being a good listener, a collector of information, a protector of historic artifacts, doing healing and energy work, or helping animals. We are multidimensional beings and depending on how open-minded you are, I have found people to be ‘anchors’; bringing in higher vibrational frequencies and anchoring it into the planet, and they do it by just being here.

Find joy in life, go out and experience the world, meet new people, and in that experience, we open the doors to endless possibilities.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies Quantum Healing practitioner & Multidimensional Channel Located in Buckinghamshire – Aylesbury

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