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The Unique New Child

Currently many reside in two worlds; Our ascended 5D world and our 3D world - as I am doing the same. When I'm in my element, doing spiritual work: Quantum Healing Hypnosis, 1-2-1 readings or healing, I find that I am fully connected and I'm resonating with humanity who want to help each other and ascend with the planet. Many are currently doing great spiritual work to awaken the masses and talk about how small gestures can have a big impact - and it does. We connect on a deeper soul level; understanding the difficult journey some of the Starseeds and indigo children are taking.

There are many Starseed and Indigo Children who are currently living through their first incarnation / their first life on this planet and many are born into this world with many fantastic gifts and talents. Talent that appeared seemingly out of nowhere and without any guidance or training. If there are any parents who are reading this, your child is special and there is nothing wrong with him or her. they are the new human - part of the evolution where we are moving away from this physical world and starting to move into the knowingness of who we truly are. Communicating and creating through thought and understanding so much about our world than the older generation does. Their instincts are sharper, they are more connected to the Spirit world and can they see through the veil.

There are parents who might find themselves lost and scared as they're not sure what's going on, not sure if they should be worried, or concerned, and the doctors of this world will not understand. They won't have a clue if the truth be told. They wouldn't know how to assist apart from medicate; even then they won't be certain for what they medicating - in the hope that it will dull the symptoms and abilities of the child. The new children of the world will be sensitive to jabs and vaccines. They will be pure in nature, and would struggle with the chemicals we use and especially those we spray on our foods.

Your child is special!

Some young humans will speak of other families or planets. They might see things you can't and all that means is that the children of this world is multidimensional. Seek someone who will be able to help and guide you as there are so many of us who can.

Instead of being scared, seek to understand. So many of us were brought up in religious households, with name and labels; good and evil. Religion doesn't help either as we fear the God who punish and the Devil who will take us if we are not good. This is not true, as our God is ever-loving and when you live in love and the light there is nothing to be afraid of. The starseeds might never be able to live in our 3D world fully, as they struggle to understand our boxes and limitations, just as much as we don't understand theirs. We have so much to learn from these new humans and now is the time to start: listen and take notice.

Together we will make the changes that the world needs, and together we will all ascend to the higher vibrational frequencies known as the 5D - The New Earth.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

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