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A Thought Is Absent From The Mind

A channelled message

A thought that seemingly appear out of nowhere; like thin air: an inspiration, an idea. Flowing from source energy. A place from within the matrix, through dimensions: the unseen world, into your aura and into your energy field; Presenting itself as a thought.

A thought and idea will come to you absent from the mind. As the mind is always analysing and over thinking, but a thought just appears effortlessly as if someone has put the thought into your mind. Without knowing we are inspired and influenced by outside sources, such as our guides and loved ones - No way to proof it. A mystery, but often we hear of those who create great things, where they speak about how their inspiration came when they were in a state of acceptance and just ‘being’ without the need to analyse. A state between relaxation and meditation, taking time to quiet the mind and to look for inspiration and finding it in the most unexpected way. Isn’t everything in the universe created through thought? Through the idea that something is made possible that seems so impossible and turning it into a reality and bringing it to life.

I wonder if God source had an idea of his creation, and in that moment when thinking about creating us in this form that we now appear. Did he think us into creation?

It seems that these thoughts of inspiration and ideas come to you in a split second. As if the mind needs to grab it and to make it your own. Like a dream it will slip through your fingers and out of reach if you don’t take notice, and if you’re not present of what actively comes into your mind. We are guided throughout our every-day. It may be through thought or intuition, and every moment you have the choice to follow your mind, your heart, your feelings, and all the other influences; distinguishing what each of those mean to you.

Chrysilla Lewies

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