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The Cloaked Decision Makers

In a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, I had a beautiful lady who connected with loving beings and they had a very important message to share.

Before This Life – The cloaked decisions makers

The being vibrates the essence of Silence; silently beautiful. Connecting through many dimensions.

The client appears before 3 judges and asks: “what am I doing here?"

You are in a place where the decisions were made and agreed upon before you came into this lifetime.”

The client describes what she is experiencing: “They are very loving; they have huge hearts and have an enormous presence. They address me as beloved.”

We are here to show you the shape and intention of this life; like seeing an illustration in a book of a specific kind of a tree: the root system, the trunk and branches. Each tree is unique.

We designed and created you. You are word, the expression of the Divine. You are beautiful in all seasons, even in the winter; after you have been stripped of everything, when you are just bark and empty. Even then you are beautiful.

You are born of silence. In a silent way you are born; out of nothing and completely pure and then you are the word and the expression of purity and nothingness.

I am you, you are me. The word: the vibration of love that arises out of nothing. This tree is wild and beautiful in all seasons that has nothing to show but itself.

You are being reformed: you are being formed from new and in order to become new and be reborned, we have to strip everything away first. Your DNA are being reconfigured and it may seem like you are a mess, but this will change the way you will be eating food, and absorbing light.

Trust, trust, trust.

When you feel depressed: love the fear, depression, and helplessness. Even if you behave in ways you don’t like. Love all of your dark sides, because the light will shine in your darkness. When you transition from this life and incarnate into the next. You can learn from going back to emptiness, returning to Source. It’s like pulling the plug and plugging it back in again.

You will return to nothing and then come back as the Word, the I, to obtain alignment.

Let go of the little me trying to judge and taking charge as the bigger me knows what is needed. Little me needs to align to bigger me. There is no map, no instruction manual, you must trust.

The truth is that everything is fine. Culture has told you it’s not okay, and something needs to be done, to be fixed. No matter what’s going on, even if coming close to death, is nothing to be alarmed about. Pay attention to ordinary things like drinking enough water, eating, being out in the sun during the day.

Struggles with food

Listen to your body. Don’t eat when it doesn’t feel good to eat, don’t do things you don’t enjoy doing. Don’t punish yourself like that. Don’t eat pain, don’t eat punishment. Trust is about listening to what’s inside.

When you listen inside of yourself, something will signal. You will hear a beautiful little bell sound, hanging inside you. Wait for that bell to ring as it will tell you what is good or bad for you. It will tell you what is right to eat today, but not yesterday. This bell is between the heart and solar plexus. Listen to it and follow it.

Drink sunlight, charge your water, put labels on the water as Dr. Masaro Emoto did. Your water would love it and so would you.

Activate your intentions through the use water.

Milk, should not be consumed daily, practice drinking other types of milk and substituting.

Be careful with wheat and have it in moderation. Don’t be afraid of gluten that you cannot allow yourself a slice of bread.

Healing the physical and emotional body

Pain will not be taken away from you until it has given you everything that you have asked for. It’s serving a purpose. Through the healing, you will learn and will be reborn. The pain may be alleviated when you ask, but once it returns, it’ serving you. Remember that.

In order to learn and align with perfect health; Fear, pain, resistance, depression, anxiety, feeling of being unfulfilled, feeling of wanting to die; it had to be experienced. Progress is experienced in these dark states. Experience freedom from doubt and therefore freedom to know there was nothing wrong with you. It’s not always an actual disease, but it will act and feel like a disease.

Pick up a pillow, stuffed animal, or find a doll, and hold it as if it's your sadness or grief and love it. love all the dark things.

In Pandora's box

Old stories, old clothes that don't fit, throw them out. clear out all the junk that no longer serves you. It has all been accumulated. You will feel better when there is a clearing out.

You all have work to do here. Energize your house as temples through chanting and meditation.

Thank You.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner.

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