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Fight or Flight For The Modern Man

How does anxiety affect your body, and what do you need to know about stress and anxiety?

The body is designed to be in perfect health, and in a state of balance and harmony. When we get stressed and anxious, the body by means of coping will release adrenaline.

When we look way back at our ancestors living in the wild, it was life or death and adrenaline was crucial for our survival. When you see a Springbuck being chased by a lion, the bucks adrenaline will kick in and run, the buck narrowly escapes with its life, and then continue grazing afterwards when the stress is over. It’s a healthy cycle: from experiencing the stress, overcoming the stress and it not becoming a traumatic experience. But the difference is that the human body cannot cope with continuous high levels of stress. Your heart rate will increase when stressful situations arise, which could lead to high blood pressure. For example, this may lead you to then see a doctor, who will then prescribe drugs to help and assist you with the by-product of stress and anxiety. When you have a headache, you may take a tablet to help you numb the pain, but this doesn’t deal with the root cause to why you a headache presented itself in the first place.

When the body is stressed, your body and brain functions go in overdrive to try and deal with the stressful situation. Your mind will look at this stress as if its life or death, fight or flight, and every other function of the body goes to the back burner as a second concern, as the body is trying to deal with the perceived threat. Therefore, being in a state of stress or anxiety for prolong periods of time, could lead to many health problems such as having digestive problems where you may have trouble with IBS, or it may lead you to not digest your food properly, as we also hold stress in our solar plexus. This could cause you to pick, up or lose weight, even though you are eating the right foods or taking the right supplements. Your back might start hurting, or you might get shoulder pains, as everyone holds stress within their body differently, and stress affects us differently.

There are different sides to stress and anxiety: you might numb yourself towards the feeling of being stressed and not even notice it anymore, others may experience the feeling of wanting to hide, or running away. There are other symptoms such as feeling nauseous when stress sets in or worse the case, when things get extremely overwhelming and the feeling setting in of just wanting to die. And this is a serious concern with the stress and anxiety many of us face every day; the pure pressure that is put upon us to survive daily in a materialist world. Therefore, when you start understanding the cause of the stress, you will be able to manage it better.

Let’s look at adrenaline

To look deeper into what adrenaline is: it’s a substance that is released into the body when a person feels a strong emotion, such as fear, excitement, or anger.

I’m sure you have experienced the feeling of having that rush of adrenaline when feeling any of those emotions, but the difference is that without knowing, there are those who are addicted to the adrenaline and the rush it brings. Unconsciously, you will seek out challenges to drive, and motivate you to get things done. Your body speaks to you by showing that there are imbalances, and you will become aware of imbalances when you become more present in your everyday life. Do you cope with life, and stress with or without effort? The subconscious mind is there to assist and to work for you without any conscious thinking processes involved; and that can be both good and bad as your body might be going through sever stress, but you have numbed yourself towards that feeling and therefore you’re not noticing it. The flip side: you might be experiencing stress that you have never encountered before, and the body doesn’t know where it has come from, or how to deal with it, so it panics and that is when anxiety sets in. We don’t see how we can cope, as the mind has gone into overdrive, and we haven’t taken our bodies in consideration; so it becomes ill, so that it can rest and recover. Therefore, the importance is to live consciously in the moment, and not worry about the future, or the past. The past is a memory which you can learn from, but not change.

The future can change in any moment and will always be in the future, so be the best you can be in the now — right now.

Take a deep conscious breath, and with that I will leave you to work towards every day being more joyous and stress free.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

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