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Seeking To Know You Through Enquiry

You find yourself standing still as you look around. The crowds of people rushing from A to B to get where they need to be. You observe that some of them are so absorbed within their own thoughts, their phones, a books, or conversation that you cannot help but wonder what reality - day dream they are currently experiencing.

What type of day their having? You look closer and wonder if they are happy, sad, lonely, even though they are surrounded by people who may feel exactly the same#: seeking connection. The enquiry starts as you check in with yourself: "how am I feeling?" And it's as if you are trying to tune in and find that place that they are in. How would that feel? Are you happy in this modern world, or are you trying to fill a void?

That's how you get to know yourself - through observation of self. Understanding that everyone is experiencing a unique set of circumstances, and through understanding what they are going through, it may shed light on your own set of life experiences, and circumstances. It may give you common ground, or a sense of connection.

As you watch, and stare without realising. You catch the eye of someone doing exactly the same; watching and observing. Maybe seeking connection, but being afraid to do so - connecting. Connection seems like a foreign word, especially when you find yourself being surrounded by people you know or strangers, yet feeling so out of place. It's Human nature to see and seek what we have suppressed, and that's what we can see in other people. Seeking within each other that something we wish we had, and the coming together is how a union is build that brings the feeling of oneness - completion.

Although, this is not the ultimate goal - Self enquiry will assist you to get to know YOU, and to establish what you have to integrate, especially the aspects you have abandoned or suppressed. It's a healing journey that takes time, to process and understand.

Continue to question, integrate, forgive and expand your awareness.

I will leave you with one of my favourite my favourite practices - The Ho'oponopono

This technique allows you to forgive yourself, and others, for the experience, and the lessons it has brought you. You are thanking them for the experience: Good or bad. Love is the ultimate form of living an empowered life, and you have to find that within your life and the experiences you have found hard. Allow the words to be felt in the deepest sense of being.

I'm Sorry,

I Love You,

Forgive Me,

I thank you.

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