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What Does Mantids Beings Have To Say For Themselves?

We all connect to different aspects of what may elemental energy, dragon energy, or animals such as birds or cats to name a few, but in this case I connected to the Mantis beings as they kept popping up in my Quantum Healing sessions, my readings with clients, and it made me wonder why now?

They seem to be really be making an appearance and to bring in their skills to assist us in some way. So, I decided to channel the collective.

The praying mantis is named, and known for its prominent front legs, which are bent and held together at an angle that suggests the position of prayer. By any name, these fascinating insects are formidable predators. They have triangular heads poised on a long "neck," or elongated thorax. I settled into the chair I was sitting in, and called for with the intention to connect and communicate. They immediately showed me how they look like, and they do look very similar to the picture below.

M = Mantis Collective

C= Chrysilla

M - "We communicate with clicking sounds. We bring flexibility" They seem to be very flexible in all of their joints and the way they move. We communicate through vibration – feeling and sensing within the body - Feeling the energetic frequency of others, therefore we know who we are communicating with. Others will feel our vibration as we will feel theirs, and this is felt through the senses; observing, and feeling, as we recognise the signature.

C – “Yes, Okay, thank you” I replied, and continue to ask. “Why have you been making yourself known to so many at this time (last 12 months? I’ve never known you to be on the front line so to speak.

M – “To teach humanity the skill of flexibility. You are too rigid and stiff within in your belief systems; within your society that rules and controls you. We are coming forth to bring ‘the bending of the rule,’ and flexibility, to move and adjust, instead of being stagnant without any forward movement at all.

We bring for the activation of the 6th sense of seeing, feeling and listening. To become more flexible; you need to become more aware of your environment – energetically.

(While channelling, I was able to feel how they use their head to sense their environment constantly. For example: It’s as if you hear something in the distance, and you will find that you move your head in many ways, to pin down the sound and where it was coming from. It’s like they do that as part of their structure – naturally, all time)

We bring forth the collective energy of working as a team. You will get nowhere very slowly trying to do everything by yourself. We understand why you do like structure, and even though you see insects working as if they have structure; they have flexibility within their structure – where the human collective doesn’t always have this.”

C – They show me an image of their eyes – bringing clear vision.

M – “This is to show you to see the bigger picture, which often times are right in front of you, but overlooked. Take a step back. The eyes represents seeing beyond the veil; to wider your vision and perspective. This is what we are teaching you and showing you – a must needed skill – Flexibility

Not knowing anything about this insect - I went to have a look to see what Google had to say: and I especially like number 10. Link Below:

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