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Enhancing Your Abilities -Part 1 of 2

Part 1

Spiritual sight is often spoken of as the sixth sense. The average individual has five senses, but we all have the sixth that lies dormant, although it can be developed and strengthened.

There was a time when we had only four senses fully developed, but as time passed, the fifth sense became the norm. Likewise, as time pass, our sixth sense will become the norm.

The first evidence of the development of the sixth sense consists of becoming sensitive to the vibrations from the planes above the physical. Knowledge of the higher planes is threefold known as etheric sight, astral sight and spiritual sight.

Nature spirits belong to the etheric realm. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are used to contact the astral world.

Spiritual sight is having an awareness in the mental world — the world of thought. I'ts here where one contacts the archetypes of all existing things.

When a psychic reading is taking place, the reader works with the solar plexus and sympathetic nervous system, whereas mediumship activates the pineal gland, heart and cerebrospinal nervous system.

There’s an old saying to the effect that we have eyes and see not and ears and yet hear not. Therefore, training and deepening the physical senses is of importance so that you know what is occurring physically or energetically instantaneously when using any of your senses and knowing the difference. This is to avoid conflict between the conscious mind, and the six-sense feeling state of the etheric body, and the messages being relayed. All this implies concentration and positive thought, as well as a complete trust in your ability.

Wandering thoughts destroys thought power. Positive thoughts train the mind to accomplish, take action and succeed. Negative thought opens the aura to undesirable entities and forces, who bring disorder and chaos into our lives.

Most people do not realize that their consciousness, in reality, functions on four different levels of expression — the physical, the astral, the mental and the spiritual.

What happens on the other side?

Upon death we discard the physical vehicle and then move to function in a universe of what’s called astral matter, with astral consciousness. The body that we left behind disintegrates, and is used by nature in building up lesser forms of life: animal, plant and mineral life. After a while, the astral consciousness becomes a molecular substance, which is also known as the “Second Death,” where we move to the place known as the higher Mind Plane of existence.

The next step in our evolution to progress lies in the field of abstract or spiritual thinking, and that means that there resides within us the power of rising entirely out of the sense experience and into the super-human realm of pure consciousness.

We are told its pure intuition or, in other words, direct cognition of the reality of being. To accomplish this, we must transcend the intellectual mind as well as the emotional self. Recognize the wisdom and Love in all things. This is what the development of the sixth sense entails, namely, pure intuition, pure analysis and impersonal love.

Chrysilla Lewies

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