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Enhancing Your Abilities Part 2 of 2

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The Mind is masculine, and the Soul is feminine. In the soul, ideas take form and are clothed in matter - The law of attraction.

Regeneration is a renewing process and when it's complete, the body, like an evergreen tree, will not show signs of decay. Man gives life; woman gives form. The Divine Feminine within us must awaken from her deep sleep, for she must bring forth the new’ super-humanity.

In order to comprehend this truth, we need to realize the power of creative thought. Old karma will dissolve in the powerful love vibration of regenerated souls, also known as volunteers. The spiritual souls who's leading a spiritual life; sending streams of creative energy through the astral light, magnetizing it with its ideals of Love and Wisdom. This power will be activated on the astral bodies of all those who are attuned to these higher vibrations.

God is male-female, the positive and negative pole of the same principle. God, also known as source is all that IS, and is everything.

The Mystery School teaching is as follows: What was that power which held light fast-locked in primordial darkness awaiting the divine command. "Let there be light?" The nature of that light which first glowed on and brooded over the world’s expanse?

All evolution is the manifestation of energy through form. All progress rests upon man’s ability to build higher and higher forms, so that a greater expansion of consciousness may be expressed. As we move into the Aquarian Age, the period of cosmic regeneration will arrive. This means that the power of love must become the influence of power on all planes of nature.

This new cosmic power will not only manifest throughout the Cosmos, but will permeate all life, for the time is at hand when the “lion and the Iamb” shall lie down together. In other words, the evil conditions in the world must dissolved in love, just as light dissolves darkness.

When we learn to use our intellect for the good of humanity, we will gain spiritual power over life itself. The "lost Word”, under the guidance of great teachers, which was used in ancient Lemuria in the creation of plants and animals, will again be restored.

The thought forms that become the myriad expressions of the earth do not remain in the aura of the earth. They pass to the inner mental world, and as these forms change, so does the forms upon the earth.

Animals that once roamed the earth are no longer found here — their forms having evolved to something higher. The astral and mental worlds are also governed by the law of attraction, therefore thoughts and feelings are magnetic and make the mould of our desires; thought releases the energy that brings these patterns into our physical reality.

Whatever thoughts are held in the mind are accepted — consciously or unconsciously by the subconscious mind, and will manifest sooner or later. Depending on how we use the talents we possess, depends on the amount of soul growth that we will obtain. We are told that Buddha, after years of fruitless wandering, found that it was useless for him to seek wisdom at other men’s doors. All but despairing, he flung himself down under the sacred Body-tree. Here he held communion with himself, discovering, in the silence of his own soul, all the truths he had so vainly sought throughout his wanderings.

Get wisdom, and then with all that wisdom, obtain understanding.

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