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Intergalactic Cosmic Explorer on a High. How to Have an Out of Body Experience

Our daily life is predominantly experienced within this third density, where everything we see and touch is perceived as solid, and we rarely think of what occurs outside of this time-space reality.

But in fact, nothing is solid. Everything is energy, and it is the rate at which each item vibrates at, that effectively makes the object appear to be a table, or chair, or even you, a human being. And as a human being, you live within many dimensions and timelines, even though we’re not consciously aware of it.

Your soul leaves your physical body at night to travel, which makes you an intergalactic cosmic explorer naturally.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, and have heard of out of body travelling, it’s when your soul-etheric self leaves your physical body to explore and travel at night while your physical self is fast asleep. Through practising, one can learn how to travel out of body at will. You can consciously take yourself to the theta state, which is the brainwave state that is experienced twice daily; just before you wake up, and fall asleep. The best time to practice is in the early hours of the morning when your body has already had time to rest.

The theta brainwave state is achieved through deep relaxation. Therefore, the first step to travel out of body is to start practising how to relax, and you can use the following technique: Take deep, slow breaths as you bring your awareness to your feet. Visualize and feel every cell and muscle relaxing in your feet, then legs, and work your way up through every part of the body until you reach the top of your head, remembering to also relax all of your facial muscles. You may feel a combination of being heavy, as if there is weight that is pulling you into the bed, as well as the feeling of wanting to fly, light as a feather.

This is where your etheric body is detaching itself from your physical form. If you practice the technique often, you will find yourself being able to achieve this deep state of relaxation almost immediately.

There’s even a greater reward: you will have a first-hand experience of your body releasing melatonin, a chemical the brain makes to tell your body it is time for sleep, which will give you the feeling of being ‘high.’ Who need drugs if you can achieve such an amazing state naturally?  Super relaxed, flying high as a kite, and the cosmos is your sky. The most important factor in this exercise is to trust and release control, because the following may be experienced. And it is important that you know what can follow:

You might hear a buzzing in your head, and a ringing in the ears. It can get loud. Your heart may start racing, making you feel as if it’s going a hundred miles an hour. Your entire body will be vibrating and you will be buzzing.

More often than not, this is the cause that may keep you from proceeding, as these sensations can be overwhelming at first. You are experiencing your energetic etheric body vibrating faster and higher than your third density self. When in this state, everything happens by thought, and it happens instantaneously.

Thought is energy, and that is how you will be travelling from point A to point B. Feel yourself drift out of your body and moving up towards the ceiling, and then moving above that, to get the feel for it and practice. If you, just for a split second think about your body, you will find yourself back in your body within seconds of that thought.

There is a silver cord that attaches the physical body to your etheric self, so rest-assured that you will always be safe. You will never get lost, or have difficulty finding your way back. Your body cannot be possessed by another being either. I mention this as these are questions that may also be a barrier of fear that you’ll have to overcome. You’re already a cosmic explorer; you are only now taking the time to do so consciously.

Set an intention that you will remember your cosmic journey upon your return and awakening. If you forget this, your beautiful experiences may not be remembered, so take time upon awakening to recall where you have been, and the details of this journey your consciousness experienced.

Be patient with yourself and enjoy your new cosmic adventure.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

Editor: Diana Adair Picture: Pexels

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