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Light Codes Exploded

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

It all starts with an intention. An intention to connect with Diamond light as well as the late Dolores Cannon through channelling her essence as we all gather for the first DC summit (Dolores Cannon)

Diamond light is coming forth and presenting itself to many at this time, especially to BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioners that are reporting that the essence of Dolores Cannon is showing up and assisting them within their sessions and using Diamond light codes. The light code practitioners and clients are refereeing to is diamond light and it is accompanied with a hand posture that is placed over the head of the client: two have, both left and right, tips of the fingers touching, the palms of the hand arched outwards, and the thumbs touching pointing downward. Leaving a diamond opening in between the two hands.

But I wasn’t experiencing the Diamond light, but rather Rainbow light.

What I’ve gathered is that this amazing information is currently coming forth to so many, but do we really understand what it means?

I was on a mission, so I set an intention to find the answer. I sat comfortably sitting upright, my feet flat on the floor, and took a couple of deep breaths as my consciousness relaxed deeper, and deeper into a state of consciousness where I was able to open myself to channel the answer.

It only took a minute, and like a reel of a film the story unfolded in my minds eye as I was shown that Diamond light cannot exist without rainbow light; rainbow light cannot exist without Diamond light. One light is neither less significant than the other.

I was shown that all who are working with Diamond light: you are directly connecting to Source energy. The light here is of the purest. You no longer have to go through an angel or other being to have access to this light. You are infinitely connected to it. You are it.

Rainbow light represents all the dimensions we currently have access to within our reality in this dimension. Like the colors of the rainbow, there are 7 Dimensions and Source is showing you this when you physically see a rainbow. Find your way back to Source through love and compassion. Letting go of fear and anger. This is the affirmation of the rainbow.

When one moves through all these dimensions you return back to Source where the Diamond light resides. Not everyone can access these dimensions, but you can visit them in dream-time when you soul is free from this physical form, or when you access deeper states of consciousness: meditation, hypnosis or trance.

Each Rainbow Dimension is a realm where many beings reside: Dragons, Fairies, Elementals. Residing in a place just out of reach, but still close enough to communicate with. We have seen how strongly Dragon energy is coming forth to assist with the acceleration of time. Fairies and Elementals, among others who is assessing the progress of mankind as their mission is to reconnect with us; becoming more involved and visible within our world as we are merging with their dimension.

At one point I thought that I was going crazy whilst traveling to the retreat where the DC summit was to take place as I was seeing rainbows everywhere. Although there were only but a few clouds in the sky. I was seeing these rainbows through the veil, and the following picture captured the beauty of rainbow light beautifully which left us all in awe.

Diamond light can heal.

As I was watching Pamela Aaralyn and Candace Craw-Goldman speak about the diamond light, I was getting severe chest pains, which I’ve had on and off for many years. I know it’s energetic as I have done extensive tests to see what was causing it, but nothing was ever found.

So, as I’m holding my chest, feeling my heart beat, and just wishing the cramps will reside. I immediately thought to use the Golden light. I was on autopilot as that’s the light I always use for healing. My guides stepped in and said: “why are you using Golden light? Use the Diamond light!”

Okay, but how? Immediately a pointed quartz crystal was placed inside my chest. It was pulsing to the rhythm of my heart-beat. With each deep breath in and out, I would visualize this Diamond light exploding and then contracting as it was removing and absorbing all the pain I was feeling in my chest. Healing at the same time.

While doing this, I could feel a sense of warmth, as well as cold come over me. It only took a few minutes for the pain to dissipate as I was holding the vision of the Diamond light as it was healing what needed to be healed.

This leaves me with the following conclusion. Follow your intuition, and if you are presented with a sign, take time to find out what that means to you. We are all becoming more intuitive. If you haven’t noticed it already, take note of what’s different daily both in your external reality as well as what you are experiencing and sensing within yourself. We are merging with other dimensions at this time which means that you will be experiencing some weird and wonderful events that may seem foreign to you. They are simply new; a glimpse of the new world we are moving into.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

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