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Pre-manifested awareness

This is more than day-dreaming, wishing or what ifs; this is lazy way of manifesting and comes from a place of lack, and powerlessness.

Pre-manifestation is used when you are aware of what you would like to manifest in detail, and you are manifesting through using intention and incorporating your thoughts and feeling to visualise how it would feel like to actually have those things you want in your life. You’re consciously using the law of attraction to match your vibrational frequency and therefore be a match to what you desire.

Post-manifested awareness

Hindsight is a great thing and that’s why post-manifestation is a great way to learn from your mistakes as it allows you to become aware of why you received the results you did and how it came to manifest in your live.

What you desire

Your “not wants” highlights your “wants.” I know I don’t want to be lonely, so I know I want companionship, love and connection. Let’s go after that feeling.

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