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No Place Like Home

Notes to Inspire

I know I have been quiet in many ways, and I am sure so have you; taking time for reflection as well as establishing what is safe and unsafe.

We have all been thinking about what is bringing stability, keeping us sane and asking what we need to do to obtain emotional, physical, or financial security.

As human beings we all seek that one place or someone which allows us to feel safe, and currently for many it feels if the ground we are standing upon is a tad bit shaky. There's no place like home. We're all feeling tired and this week especially the energy itself is off the scales. As a sensitive the influx of cosmic energy has been intense.

You feel it too.

  1. Feeling tired

  2. Sleeping more than usual

  3. Feel dehydrated - drink plenty of liquids (water)

  4. Feel sluggish with no energy or motivation

I know it's tough. We are tired of hearing worst case scenario although we stay optimistic knowing that there must be a silver lining. I don't know about you, but I've slept for what feels like forever this week. Self care is so important right now and collectively we are all feeling the energy on the planet even if you don't think in terms of energy. You still feel the cause and effect of what's happening to us all collectively.

Take time in nature. Go for that beautiful walk and get away from long exposure to electronics as it also interferes with your energy field (aura). Walking is not only great for physical, mental health but it builds up your immune system. We all need to be healthy right now as a mere cough could mean - you know what - as the flu and the common cold has completely been erased.

Follow guidelines, but don't stop living your life.

I am still available to help you if you feel inspired to book a BQH session or reading. Book Here

In love and Service


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