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Seeing Blue Orbs of Light

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

Connecting with the 5th Blue Ray

We are not from here. We come with curiosity. We have always been here, and it's only now that you are starting to see us. We appear in your peripheral vision.

We resonate and work with the heart.

We are seen more by those who resonate and work with the heart and operate out of love, as we operate and come with love. And as we are on the same frequency, you are able to see who we are. We are Energy.

We are not associated with any race or any planet, although we work alongside many race; especially the Pleiadians.

We come with messages: we, the light beings inspire you. We are messengers of light delivering dimensional codes to you. If you are receiving codes, you are an alchemist. Our light symbols are '3D' three dimensional, and we deliver the codes to those who we believe will be able to decipher them, but it is up to you if you would also want to work with us.

It's not an easy task, as you will have to work hard. We work on the vibration of the 5th Blue Ray. Codes of light and communication. We do not come to scare of frighten you, so please do not be.

We work mostly with you in dreams. Through this channel, we always encourage her, through her readings to tell her clients who are also channels themselves to write down what is seen in meditation and dream-state. It's of utmost importance as it's one of the main streams of communications we have with you. Due to the limiting mind, things are forgotten so easily.

It's this channel purpose to remind you of your potential and your purpose.

Set an intention to remember your dreams at night, and upon awakening take time to recall what was received. It will take time to come back to you, but it will. We can come to you at any time during the day as well, when you are not doing too much, and in a state where you are 'distracted,' but in a state of awareness where we can enter, and that is why we are observed in your peripheral vision.

We thank you for working with us. Without you, these light codes cannot be delivered. the challenge is the interpretation, but remember that we operate out of Love. These codes are part of ascension.

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