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The First Spiritual Centre of Montreal, Canada

The First Spiritual Centre of Montreal, Canada

Spiritualism have spread its wings from the U.K to all corners of the world, captivating the people of each country, as curiosity brought them to the doors of spiritualism, a new found religion.

None of this would have be possible if it wasn’t for our hard-working mediums, and their love for spiritualism. Travelling across borders, Englishman James C. Snook opened the very first spiritual centre of Montreal in 1957, and their doors are still open today, 62 year later.

I loved digging through the archives and reading in the November edition of the Chimes magazine 1961, that Spiritualism has very much kept its roots; showing the importance of a philosophical address and the demonstration of mediumship, drawing in a congregation of a 100 people to The First Spiritual Church of Montreal, which was the only one in the province of Quebec.

Recently, I made arrangements to travel to Montreal, Canada to spread my own wings to work abroad, and the First Spiritual Centre and Vice President Ariane Brule, open the doors inviting me to be a guest speaker. Thrilled at the news, I was asked to speak about the difference between mediumship and psychic messages, and how we use both aspects within our mediumship, as well as give a demonstration of mediumship.

To quote: “Rev. James C. Snook will be pleased to learn of anyone visiting Montreal from other churches, if they will make themselves known to him.” I know that this still stands true today, and I invite you to visit and support this centre if you are thinking about traveling to Quebec anytime soon.

Today, the centre is located at 1001 rue Cremazie, Montreal Quebec, salle B301. I wish the hard-working committee all the best, and a thank you for a friendly welcoming.

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