Clear Quartz Wand - Large



may vary in size and weight but all a  good size

Crown Chakra Crystal

Build Crystal Grids

Excellent for jogging your memory

Will mulitply the energy of any other crystal used



"Quartz crystals are the manifestation of the Creator's finest hour of expression. The are windows of light with many facets which show the myriad dimensions of life created from cosmic dust in an ever expanding universe. Divine plan as foreordained that all expanding life revolve around one common denominator, quartz crystal. Through frozen solidified light all creation could be monitored and assisted through the evolutionary process."Beverly Criswell

"Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View" ( quoted in "Windows of Light", by Vicki and Randall Baer)

Large Clear Quart point

SKU: 13245769
Color: Black

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