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Distant REIKI

All Healing is Self Healing.



(pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural energy healing based on the use of Universal Life Force. It is channelled through the practitioner's/master's hands and into the patient. It was rediscovered by Dr. Usui in the 19th century. See more information on  Distance Reiki Below!



The premise for distance Reiki healing is simply that we are all connected to the same source of energy and so therefore to each other.


Energy has an impact regardless of time, space and physical proximity. Energy follows intent and so you can energetically connect with anyone, anywhere and send them positive energy and healing vibes simply by making the intention to do so.

Distance Reiki is a bit more than that though. It can be just as intense as having a Reiki session in person.  

During a distance Reiki session, I’m connecting to your energy in the same way as I would if you were here and channelling the energy in to your energy field. The energy works the same way as in person.

There is no separation between you and I in the healing space. For most people who have distance Reiki, they feel everything as if they would in person and this is always a surprise for them!

Everyone experiences Reiki differently. Some feel a slight tingling or sensations of warmth where others feel a deep relaxation. Some find themselves in a deep meditative state whilst feeling rejuvenated and energised. You might even fall into a deep and refreshing sleep.


Reiki is always totally safe and appropriate making it suitable for everyone - children and adults. It benefits people in a wonderful and extraordinary ways. It is also highly effective for animals.


Curious about distance Reiki?


Everything is made of energy – that’s a scientifically proven fact. Reiki means “Life force energy”. Particle physics says that each particle can positively or negatively influence it’s immediate surroundings. That’s why when you have Reiki, it’s these waves of energy that are having an impact on your energy field to create a sense of wellbeing. We’re filling you with light and balancing your energy.

Now remember we are all particles of energy.


We are all made of the same stuff and connected to the same life force energy. Energy doesn’t have physical boundaries nor does it have any time boundaries. This is why we are always connected to our past, present and our future. Our mind can navigate these places and time travel between them without any physical movement. This is magic and in essence if we can recognise that we only have to generate positive thoughts for good things to happen, then we’re on the way to something really powerful. This is why Reiki can have such deep healing benefits.

Our physical body is the densest bit of our energy field and this is why it is visible. It is made of particles of solid matter. Things and people are made of this and so that’s why the mind recognises them as “real” objects.

We also have energy around us. This is the auric field. It’s the energy ball that surrounds us and it is filled with our own personal energetic vibe. When you meet someone, this is the first thing that you’ll sense even though it isn’t a tangible and visible thing.

Places and people all have their own energetic signature. When you walk in to a place, you immediately sense whether it feels good or not based on it’s energy. We all have this ability and we can use it inform us what feels right or not.

Thoughts generate energy. We only have to think about bad memories for us to start feeling low, even if we are nowhere near the person that may have caused them. This is because what we've generated is charged with the energy of emotion.

How it Works: I create a beautiful healing space calling in your Higher Self, Guides and Angels to assist in your healing and to send you the healing you seek. Healing is intelligent and it knows exactly where to go. I will make note of everything that is felt in your energetic field and we will then have a Zoom session the following day to do a debrief and give you additional tools you can use to continue your healing journey. 

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