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This is what clients have said about their experiences.


~ Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) ~


I just want to say a big thank you as my experience with you was a very warm and calming one. It helped me in many ways to see try aspects of my self and very powerful also. I'm very happy to work with you again. LeeOwen



~ Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) ~



















~ Quantum Healing Hypnosis / Group Regression ~

I recently attended a Past Life Regression Workshop led by Chrysilla. It was an amazing day. Chrysilla has a good knowledge of her subject and was able to give a thorough description of the history. Chrysilla is an excellent teacher, she has a soft, kind nature and a lovely tone to her voice which gently guides you to a calm meditative state. She took time to listen to each of her students and she made us all feel at ease with each other. Chrysilla made the day fun and relaxing. Thank You Chrysilla for a truly wonderful day!!

Very Best Wishes - Robert Withers


~ Quantum Healing Workshop ~

Chrysilla is very gifted. I highly recommend her readings. Her initial assessment of my situation was spot on, and would have been impossible to guess. I really appreciated her amazing ability to quickly tune into my guides and pass along relevant information that I know was accurate and was extremely helpful (there is no way she could have guessed or made up such accurate and detailed answers that fit my situation perfectly, since she did not and does not know my very unique history). Thumbs up! I got the answers to some very difficult questions and the answers were specific and trustworthy. Marianne G


~ Quantum Healing Hypnosis ~

Just had my QHHT® session with Chrysilla Lewies soul sister <3 THANK YOU! That was the most beautiful experience :D so much information came through, it was beautiful seeing saint Germaine, Jesus, my beautiful Pleiadian/ Lyran family and beautiful dragon guide. Got to see my starship too :D and so much healing and karma removal on deep levels across many timelines feeling super grateful, will look forward to working with you again, and I can't recommend working with this beautiful soul enough thank you so much.

Thomas Starson Bowler


Bee Heart 

Beginning of June I had the honour and pleasure to have a BQH Session with the amazing Chrysilla Lewies

The session brought unexpected but incredibly life-changing results for me.
My life has not been the same since: My purpose is getting so much clearer and I am meeting people who fit this purpose. 
I highly recommend Chrysilla Lewies for Sessions!