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Metaphysical Anatomy Technique is a gentle trauma release method that does not require you to re-live the stories.  It can be done in person or through Zoom.

Although practising different healing modalities to relief the pain or symptom, It does not remove trauma from the brain.  The memory is still there and this technique works on the limbic system and assists in releasing trauma.

Each session online or in person also and includes a follow up check in after one week.

If this is your first time, book two sessions and get one free session.

In Evette Rose’s words:

This Brand New Cutting Edge Technique allows you to fully understand psychosomatic patterns related to medical conditions. These conditions can be activated by circumstances in your present life, your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life.

This technique allows and empowers you to fully understand and unleash your psychological, spiritual and emotional potential and identifying the origin of the medical condition, whether it be in your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life.


How can MAT help you?


If you are already an alternative practitioner or completely new to the personal development world looking to learn a powerful healing tool, whether for yourself or to help others then you are in the right place! If you or clients suffer from emotional / physical trauma / stress, depression, phobias or medical conditions then this technique can help and guide you to greatly improve your quality of life and relieve the symptoms of your emotional stress, trauma or physical stress. This is a process that goes deeper than ever before!

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