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Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner

Arthur Findlay Collage

  • Mediumship

  • Trance Mediumship

Quantum Healing Hypnosis:

Level 2 Practitioner - QHHT®

Dolores Cannon Hypnosis Technique

BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Level 2


I grew up in South-Africa and relocated to the U.K in 2007.
I'm a QHHT® & BQH Hypnosis Practitioner, a Life Coach, Trauma Release Practitioner using MAT (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique™) and also helping many on their personal development through my private mentorship program.
We have all experienced personal stress and emotional trauma that continues to wreak havoc in our daily lives. This could be because we continue to replay negative past experiences over and over again in our head, or because we have let the disappointments and challenges in our past to keep us from achieving the future we deserve. 

I've had the privilege travelling to speak and teach online and work internationally. I have met so many wonderful people doing this work knowing that connecting to the deeper parts of ourselves we give ourselves the keys to open doors we never knew were there.
I look forward to assisting you on your path to find healing, enlightenment, and new insights.

Allow me to help you with your find the the answers you are seeking and 
I look forward to meeting you and helping you begin your journey towards a healthy and more fulfilling life.
Chrysilla Lewies
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