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What is a core belief and why believe it?

What is a core belief and why believe it?

So many times people ask, what is a core belief and how do I get to a core belief? How do I change a core belief?

What do you believe in is the question at hand. Do you truly believe you can heal your own body or do you have to go to the doctor to be healed? Do you believe that you only go to heaven if you believe in GOD or go to hell if you did things to others you deemed wrong?

Do you believe that the sun comes up and the moon goes down at night or have you looked up into the sky during the day to see the moon looking back at you?

That already should be challenging your belief, as we were told that the moon is out of sight in daylight.

Your right or wrong might not be the same for the next person. It is all about perspective and how you were raised by your parents and family.

Core believes is what your family teaches you. If you were told to follow these rules, this religion, work hard or you will get nowhere in life. Your whole life will be build around those believes.You certainly don't have to suffer before being rewarded or do you? what do you believe?

You don’t have to believe everything that you are told, They are believes not facts and growing up as a child is when we first come across our first believs, but as you grow up start questioning them, start to question anything about everything. Don’t just take things as true because people say so. We are currently living in a society that we as the masses are controlled in such a manner that we start to believe that we are not good enough. You are good enough and you don’t need religion or the government or doctors as you are such a powerful human being and you are in control – always.

So for example we will take a core believe a lot of us have;

“I believe that I am not good enough” which is exactly that, a belief!

Now for one hour a day you will tell yourself the following;

“I used to believe that I am not good enough and that I will never be as good as... fill in the blank”

but for an hour a day you will add on to the believe and say “ I am good enough and can achieve anything.” And if you really believe it, you feel it in your body that you are good enough, you will start to see it.

After that one hour you go back to your old believe that “I am not good enough”.

Silly I know right....

After a couple of weeks you start to think that you truly are good enough, your body is starting to feel it and you are starting to like the change and you are noticing it moreand more in your external reality. You will start to believe it more and your core believes will start to change.

Question things, Read and do research if you feel that your belief does not feel right or you think to yourself that you no longer want to believe that belief as it doesn't seem to resonate with you. It cannot be true...

I say it over and over again, There is no right or wrong - you create your own reality. This planet is amazing and it will express anything in your external / internal reality what you wish like a genie in a bottle.

It doesn't require strength to let go of old beliefs and thoughts. All it requires is awareness and understanding.

Love yourself enough to do what is good for you.

Trust yourself

Please leave your comments and if you have questions, I will do my best to answer them.

Love and light

Chrysilla Lewies

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