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Rich Brother, Poor Brother

I Don't watch a lot of Television these days but whilst doing other things I started watching Rich Brother, Poor brother on Channel 4 last night. It caught my attention straight away as I'm also currently reading the book Rich Dad, Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

There is so much I loved about these two brothers and their chalk and cheese relationship which I will explain a bit later.

The show is all about the brothers experiencing the world of each other and the lifestyle they are living in and experiencing being poor and rich.

David Field - Poor brother was able to go into a rich environment and society of his brother Ivan Massow. Immediately there was a lot of contrast and it wasn't a very friendly welcoming. I can understand it being a bit awkward for both.

David also had so much knowledge to share from a spiritual perspective which the rich brother Ivan just didn't get. He talked a lot about himself trying to explain why he is doing what he is doing and he is perfectly happy with that where the Rich brother Ivan was only talking about money and business. I think I learned more about David in one episode than Ivan as he didn't share much knowledge apart from what money could buy.

David was able to communicate and engage in conversation with others who are so called "Rich" I would say he loved the freedom money could buy and did seem a bit resentful but who wouldn't?

On the first night social event David was great at socializing and enthusiastic to share his Ayahuasca (a natural high using plants) experience which is something I havn't tried myself but a said amazing experience but again I am not sure anyone understood what he was saying and his Rich brother just stamped all over what he was passionate about to say he is into Guru type things.

Ivan is on the board trustees of a charity teaching traditional art so he attended and took his brother to the an art gallery and David loved it. Poor brother Ivan explain about the sacred geometry in some of the art and I think that went straight over Ivan's head not knowing what he was on about.

During the programme David also kept talking about a Planet called Nibiru that might come into our solar system and might destroy the planet. This is actually not far from the truth as there is such a planet but no one knows how it travels in our current solar system or its orbit so we don't know and when it will come close to the earth but it is said that the magnetic field of this planet is so strong and that is what is going to end up flipping our poles and cause severe chaos and catastrophe.

instead of tabooing it, why not do your own research and education.

The time quickly flew by where it was time for Rich brother Ivan to join David in his living space of a camper van. Ivan couldn't handle it one bit and decided to go stay with his mother. Why not see it as an experience and try to get to know your brother? He had EGO and was not open minded at all. He couldn't stay there and see what potential it had or experience it would have provided.

Rich Brother Ivan couldn't mix well with any of Ivan's friends or work environment but what is worse was on the first night when he told Ivan that he is going to stay with their mom he said to Ivan " I really admire you" which I thought was really a nice thing to say and sincere.

I can see why David is not successful as he has great ideas, he went as far as to write a book and self publish but without any commitment or motivation to make it a success no wonder there is none. On the evening of the second night poor brother David took Ivan to meet some of his friends and an evening of socializing and it was just painful to watch. I wouldn't say it something I would be interested in attending either but each to their own. When it was time to leave Ivan said to the camera man that he doesn't admire his brother at all... Wait a minute that is not what he said the night before to his face? talk about double standards.

He said his brother has to engange in the real world as it actually is, to get a proper job and not really admiring anything about him at all. This was so sad and I am sorry to say but he is more in touch with the real world than you will ever be Ivan.

Why do we have follow society and get a real job and engange in the real world like puppets on a string telling us what we should do and not do.

David has so much passion being spiritual and I feel is so connected to the planet and how the world should be. I would say that Ivan could have learned a few things from his brother. He the talks about the great spirit which could be GOD or whatever you want to call the creator and again Ivan didn't understand any of it. He called him crazy and instead of asking questions or better understand why he believes these things he just didn't care.

David is someone I would called being awake and he is conscious in his waking life. He keeps in touch about how he is feeling, what will make him happy today. He is not sleepwalking through life and maybe that is why the two brothers are so different.

David - Poor Brother enjoys an uncomplicated life and find enjoyment in small things trusting the universe.

Ivan - Rich Brother enjoys money and it makes him happy. Out of touch whith his spiritual essence like so many of the world and there is nothing wrong with that.

Please watch it and make up your own mind

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