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Soul Fragments

The Soul is made up with interweaving and interconnecting bodies - the energetic body, and the spiritual body - there’s no separation. Your thoughts, your feelings, your perceptions, your viewpoints, your love and uniqueness, all that makes up the essence of who you are, your Spirit.

Your Soul is a very complex light being and you are not aware of our easily and recklessly you give bits of yourself away and never ask for it back. Let me explain, Like a sparkle, you go through love, hate, caring for others, having sex with several partners in your lifetime of growing up, learning and expanding your awareness but along the way you forget how you have lost pieces of yourself along the way feeling empty, lonely or that something is missing but you don't know why.

I am going to tell you why and how you can get YOUR sparkle back, get you back. It is easy to read this article and understanding it but it is also very important that you take some time out of your busy day and do a soul retrieval and actually doing it. You have to educate yourself about who you really are. So, when we fall in love we become one with the other person and when we merge we give some of us away. We can literally die of a heart break if we loose someone we love so deeply that you cannot continue living without them and feel like you have lost you when they have left. When you energetically hook yourself into another soul being when you have sexual intercourse therefore attaching yourself to them without knowing you have now taken on some of their vibrational baggage causing you to feel confused, frustrated, agitated as you have also lost a sparkle of you at the same time.

You are unaware that you rarely set boundaries for yourselves - learn to say NO, respect yourself and walk away if those boundaries are being isolated instead of closing down, put up barriers that does more harm than good and when there is someone out to hurt you emotionally or physically you loose sparkle, you loose a bit of yourself.

Are you now getting it an understanding of how easy it is to give people some of YOU? Putting in effort, attention, love into many things, losing and gaining as you might take sparkle from others without realising it as much as you give away. Now, lets look at how we can do cord cutting and ask for your soul fragments to return.

Returning of soul fragments

Sit in a quiet place and where you know that there is memories of hurt or guilt - anything you feel that it is time to cut cords and move on without holding onto the past. Think of that thought, visualise a pair of scissors and visualise cutting the cords that is keeping the hurt and thoughts you are holding onto. see it release and then send it to Source. Saying " I release you now as this no longer serves me, please return all my soul fragments that I have left behind and return all fragments that I am holding onto, on this plane and all other planes of existence." Visualise your fragments returning and you releasing all the energy you no longer feel should be in your life at this time. you can cut the cords with the scissors as many times as you like until you feel the process is complete. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Do this with every memory and feeling of an event that needs releasing because that is where soul fragments will be.

Love and light

Chrysilla Lewies xx

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