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I'm pondering on what to write about. A word comes into my mind "Entanglement", a word I haven't come across much or really know the meaning of, so I set off to Google as you do to see what it says. " a complicated or compromising relationship or situation. " This is a word that I can definitely relate to at this time. amazing how things come together.

I can describe the last couple of months exactly as that - A big entanglement.

Feeling happy, love, confused, up, down, push and pull - a very exhausting combination of feelings and emotions day in and out. Asking yourself what are you doing? what is right?, what is wrong? and what will make me happy? I can only write about what I am currently experiencing in my reality and hope that some of you can relate and take something away from it.

I spend so much time observing my external reality and reading other people (putting myself in their shoes) that I forget about checking in with "me" at times to see in which direction I should be moving in, I believe that everything happens for a reason so if I go into any direction and not necessarily the path of least resistance, the universe will encourage the route I am taking or stop it and I fully trust that. By trusting the universe, I trust that the people crossing my path was put there for a reason.

The universe will test you or it will push you into the direction you have to go into.

For example you hate your job so much and you tell yourself that everyday but you don't find something else. The universe will step in and make scenarios unfold that will lead you either being fired or quitting and pushing you to go into the direction you want to go into, because you won't have anything loose then.

Is being in our comfort zones enough?

Why aren't we willing to leave that zone to move into a state of happiness and what we really want or do we tell ourselves we are happy. Why upset the current status quo?

I have a list of goals set out for 2017 and I have set my mind to achieving them or make required changes enabling me to achieve them. It is not easy to make those hard decisions at times, I know that and it will be a lie if I said I am not scared. I feel your family and friends should encourage and support you along the journey of growth, you should feel safe to express how you feel and be encouraged and loved. I would like to think that I am that person to encourage, lift you up when you need it and provide a safe haven for you to express yourself freely without judgement - I don't judge anyone, who am I to judge? We are all on our own life journey and we can only do what we believe is right.

Sit in the peace and connect with your feelings, your solar plexus where you feeling centre is and by feeling into that sensation, your body is telling you exactly how you feel about it. By following your internal guidance system you will know what it is you should be doing, what it is you want. Stop fighting it and over-thinking as the mind will never make sense over your emotions and feeling state.

I am quite nervous and excited about what this year holds for me.

For you I wish an overflow of LOVE in all aspects, Happiness in everything that you do and that it will shine through you wherever you go.

Love and light always

Chrysilla xxx

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